You don’t have to have any experience or qualifications to write for us – all we ask is some enthusiasm and plenty of ideas. You don’t even have to commit to any regular contributions. The ability to string a sentence together would be helpful, though.

And we don’t want to just dish out orders for what to write. We want your own ideas so you can write about whatever you like – news, sport, ents, features, Bulgarian vegetarian cooking… if we like it and it’s vaguely relevant, it’s in. If it’s no good or it’s not for us, we’ll tell you why not and, where appropriate, suggest how it could be improved.

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9 thoughts on “WRITE FOR US”

  1. CHRIS MADONDO said:


    i am astounded by the number of zanu pf leaders and supporters that rush to claim the mdc is a puppet of western forces that are bent on wrecking havoc in zimbabwe
    is it not that during the war of liberation both zanu pf and zapu ,the main opposition parties of that time resorted to foreign countries,mostly the eastern bloc to help them overthrow the Ian Smith regime
    the point is they accuse the mdc of being foreign funded and being sell outs,are they not being propped up against the wishes of the zimbabwean majority,by chinese loans and barter deals with the embattled gaddafi regime of Lybia

    at least the mdc does not align itself with repressive foreign governments as mugabe and his lot do
    zanu pf must realise that the mdc despite having had some foreign funding ,not a single foreigner has ever voted for it in all the elections that it has won since its inception in september 1999

    the mdc was not wrong in calling for targeted sanctions against those behind zanu pf ‘s much despised thuggery machinery and it should keep calling for them to be maintained for as long as there is no justifiable cause for their uplifting
    people of zimbabwe are still not able to express their political opinion freely,without the fear of reprisals and senior army commanders keep branding any attempts at establishing true democracy by the mdc ,a threat to national security

    if senior zanu pf officials keep reffering to the mdc as a threat to national security,surely they can not be expected to enter into any agreements with the opposition in good faith
    this is reason why primeminster Morgan Tsvangirai has constantly expressed reservations about the implementation of the terms of the global caolition agreement
    i think the only reason that zanu pf entered this agreement was to stem the tide that was rising against them and to be able to restrategise the clandistine activities that have enabled them to eliminate opponents with ruthless efficiency over the years
    the mdc should have never allowed this agreement because,right now zanu pf has managed to set up and reinforce the structures to keep it in power by the use of intimidation and force
    this is a fact acknowledged indirectly by the united kingndom assessment team that visited the country recently
    they noted thatpeople are not able to freely move in the country because in some zanu pf dominated parts ,there are no go areas for mdc members
    this to me is a clear breach of articles 1,2,3,6,7,9,13,18,19,21 of the universal declaration of human rights by the zanu pf regime,as they have failed to guarantee the safety of every zimbabwean citizen

    as it is zanu pf has reached the end of its useful shelf life and should be discarded of as such




  2. malvern chinotimba said:


  3. check this out its unreal, i could not not believe what i was looking at, its so dam cool onestly see for yourself – http://goo.gl/ixRyJ

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  7. Thank author for writing this blog and Your efforts, It’s really teach somthing… great

  8. Ernest Jonga said:


    I desire to speak to you today in heart to heart because just at the time we are facing critical conditions, and it is but right that we should talk to each other, counsel each other, and get to understand each other, so that all of us may be able to work from one common understanding for the good of Zimbabwe. First of all as we are aware that today is the 18th of April and it is the Zimbabwe independence, but are we independent as Zimbabweans?
    I don’t represent any political outfit in Zimbabwe and I don’t belong to one either, but I speak as a Zimbabwean armed with my rights of freedom of expression which is written in black and white in our country’s new constitution. I desire to write for a short while about our current situation in Zimbabwe. 36 years ago we won independence after years of struggle during Ian Smith government, when I look back I remember the celebrations that happened in 1980 (independence), 36 Years have gone by now and things are getting worse, Ian Smith government treated black citizens like second class citizens. Now we have a black government that is treating its people like second class citizens, we have a government that doesn’t understand the suffering of the masses. We have a government that doesn’t respect the rule of law, who doesn’t understand the constitution they created. We have a government that doesn’t understand how jobs are created, We have a government that is so corrupt in every way that the leader of this government knows the culprits but he chooses to do nothing in that regard because he is involved in those activities as well, we have a government that oppresses its own people by denying them food because they don’t support their political agendas. Being an opposition supporter or practising your freedom of expression, gathering, demonstration is a crime under this government, but they are the co-authors of the constitution which allows people to express their feelings freely. We have a government that promised 2 million jobs in 2013 but as it stand right now we have almost 100 thousand people that lost their jobs since last year. We have a government that doesn’t allow people in diaspora to vote but those in diaspora are the ones contributing more money towards the budget nearly $2billion out of $4 billion. We have a government that have decided to import chickens from Brazil but 60% of the population are chicken farmers that have been sidelined by this government because of corruption. So what is there to celebrate? there is nothing to celebrate, until we have a country that have the fullest opportunity to develop its citizens politically, socially and industrially without any favouritism and fear. Looking forward a year or two from now I can see an economy and political death struggle for the survival of Zimbabwe. Many of our present-day national centres will have become overcrowded with vast surplus populations, without electricity, clean water or drainage system, the fight for bread and survival will be keen and severe, the weaker and unprepared group is bound to go under. The masses of the people are looking for leadership, they desire sincere, honest guidance in the government. Many are discriminated against and denied an equal chance to earn wages for the support of their families and in many instances are refused the basic human rights and nearly everywhere are paid smaller wages that doesn’t cover anything for one month. The acts of injustice against the opposition and its members before the police and the courts of law is disgusting. Be it known to all men that whereas, all men are created equal and entitled to the rights of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness, but we don’t practice this in Zimbabwe. All things are created and given to man as a common possession that there should be an equitable and distribution and apportionment of all such things, and in consideration of the fact that as people we are now deprived of those things that are morally and legally ours. We want to see a Zimbabwe wheresoever they form a community among themselves, should be given the right to elect their own representatives to represent them in legislatures, courts of law, or such institutions as may exercise control over that particular region be it Goromonzi, Masvingo, Mutare etc. I believe that any law or practice that tends to deprive any Zimbabwean of his land or the privileges of free citizenship within Zimbabwe is unjust and immoral. I believe that any law especially directed against the people of Zimbabwe whether they are MDC, or whatever party they represent is unfair and immoral, and should not be respected. I believe all men and women should live in peace one with the other. I believe in the doctrine of the freedom of the press, fair and balanced without intimidation from the government. The right of education to our brothers and sisters must be of good quality and were every child have access to it, so that they can be armed for the future ahead. We are open to any kind of attack, it can be Ebola, War or anything you can think of, reason being because our elected representatives are spending time fighting each other for their self interest, no one seems to care about the rest of the population. The only job that guarantees you a good life is to become an MP, where you are guaranteed to build a massive mansion, and buy different cars with stolen public money. OUR FORE FATHERS DIDN’T GO TO WAR FOR THIS INJUSTICE, The war was to fight the system that was oppressing us which we fought and won, but it looks like we didn’t win anything from this war.

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