Wesley Ndebele:Political Analyst

In the run-up to the July 31 polls, a Local Government minister ordered local authorities to write off residents’ outstanding utility debts accrued between February 2009 and June 2013.

Many residents had accrued large amounts which they never dreamed they could pay up. So the great liars promised to write off the debts if people voted for them. Foolish enough, people did not see that coming and they voted for the thugs who have now turned back and want the debts accrued from the ‘cut off line’ settled or face court action. Many of those who benefited from the ‘write off’ where the government big wigs with companies and had larger bills compared to residential bills.Image

Many of the faithful residents who were up to date or almost up to date with their bills are quite bitter of how this writing off was handled since they did not benefit from the move. In retaliation many residents have refused to pay up their debts and are willing to let the council sue them. It is rather a joke for the council to threaten residence with prison sentences when they themselves are in serious debts. The question is ‘Can they logically afford to take court action against 600 000 residents?. On the other hand news has emerged that council workers have not been paid for the past 3 months.

The state broadcaster ZBC is also reportedly not to have paid its employees for 5 solid months. Employees have religiously been going to work with the hope of getting paid. It’s rather absurd that employees can go for almost half a year without pay. This goes to show the government has NO money and they don’t know how to prioritise. They spend a fortune on state of the art journalist vehicles without paying their employees.nrz-women-demostrators

On second thoughts you would wish for the institution to sink into the oblivion – Why ! Merely because that institution is no longer of any use to a right- minded Zimbabwean. All that is broadcast is “ Ivhu Kuvanhu ” Land to the people!. Both television and radio stations are infested with Zanu, Zanu, Zanu and as a result Zimbabweans have ceased watching or listening to local media. Every household is now equipped with DSTv. They enjoy Southern  African TV.

State university workers are also among those who have not been paid and there’s no signs of anything coming through soon for them. National railway workers are also crying out loud. No wages for over 3 months and all they get is false promises. Again, this government has no money. They are not capable of setting up structures that will generate revenue. When this government was in coalition, things started to get better and every Zimbabwean could tell. Food was in abundance and life generally was getting better.

Several councillors and senior council officers have been implicated in shady land deals over the past few years leading to the expulsion of housing director and town clerk.Thousands of people were sold non-existent residential stands in 2006 and have since not been allocated anything. Image

Zanu PF also pledged a lot to the electorate among which economic revival, job creation and pay rise for civil servants but nothing has since materialised. Zanu PF’s promises included the creation of 2265 million jobs over the next five years but more jobs have been lost since the polls as many companies are closing down or retrenching workers because of the harsh economic climate. Zanu PF is all talk and no action. Roads are still eroding away and mining sector has not been organised. Air Zimbabwe has not taken off since landing a few years back.It is struggling to make a complete take off. Our schools and hospital are also in a terrible state and they think everyone is foolish by telling us they won a fair election. Pay day will come one day, whether it takes 10 or 20 years. The fruits of retribution will be theirs to enjoy.