Wesley Ndebele: Political Analyst

One week to go and Zimbabwe could be re-writing the history books. Newspaper headlines such as ‘The end of a tyrant’ will be seen all over the world. 

Zanu PF and its henchman have been involved in dirty and corrupt dealings for years at the expense of the masses of Zimbabwe. Zimbabweans have generally been scared of coming out and exposing them for fear of death or torture. For many years we have suffered silently hoping things were going to change.images

However since 2008 when Zanu PF stole the elections, the people of Zimbabwe have fully woken up and have since taken a new stance of challenging this regime through the social media. Zanu PF thugs have and are successfully sucking the country right up to its bones. Those who have challenged him openly are sadly no longer with us today. Gone are the days where this regime would shut the whole world up leaving itself to be the licensed mouth piece of the masses.

The breeze of a new era can now be felt as it sweeps across the country with a message of ‘change’. As usual this government has already started implementing its rigging strategies but this will not divert the strong wind of change which they themselves, have also started feeling. Some of the tactics involve the swapping of vehicles collecting ballots papers, ghosts voters that have been registered to vote, and the deal with a foreign firm to populate Zanu PF results. Thousands of people in the diaspora have woken up to discover their names listed in the voters register.


Enough is enough! Zimbabweans are now willing to fight to the last man. These thugs have wrecked the country with a passion. Transport system has gone down, NRZ is becoming history, Air Zimbabwe is gathering dust, hospitals have nothing, water is polluted, postal service is now history and the main post office turned into a market place.

It’s the final count down now to a new era. It is not surprising that Zanu PF and its associates have started packing their bags for they can also tell that they are no longer dealing with the same people as before. People are tired and have changed and will not give this government another term to loot. Already people are being forced to wear Zanu PF t/shirts and attend their rallies.


Zimbabweans are willing to play fools and give in wearing Zanu PF regalia and accepting food that is being distributed pretending to be Zanu PF pro but knowing very well that when the day comes they will not be voting for this regime. The time has finally come to put this government under the justice system. Make them pay for all their crimes which need to be backdated so that no stone will be left un turned.

Zimbabwe needs to move on and not be constantly held back by an infamous regime.

“ People of Zimbabwe, vote wisely, vote for change, vote for a new beginning ”