Wesley Ndebele: Political Analyst

Zimbabwe is a blessed country which was once the bread basket of Africa. Almost anything happened in Zimbabwe. Fishing industry, mining of gold, copper, coal and tourism to mention but a few.

Sadly it continues to suffer from the mis-management by Zanu PF. In my previous article about ZIMBABWE’S CORRUPTION, I highlighted some of the current corruption activities that were taking place at that moment. To date, there’s quite a lot more that has been unearthed.

Many Zimbabweans and the world at large were shocked to hear that Zanu PF had won the recent elections by a wide margin especially when everyone was hoping for a change. As usual, the ballot papers were tempered with, voter’s register included names of both under aged and deceased people. Hundreds of people ferried by buses to specified polling stations. Many more hundreds turned away from voting and this regime brags on.

There’s been a rise in road blocks especially on major roads that lead to other cities and countries. A typical example is the number of road blocks between Zimbabwe and the South African border. Police are in full swing asking for bribes from shoppers coming from South Africa into Zimbabwe. Many shoppers have complained since they can no longer make any profit after paying a lot out to these thugs. Many police officers are believed to be competing among themselves to buy cars and thus the reason for asking for bribes. There’s also a rise in the pirate taxis which are owned by police officers, some of which are un road worthy.


Local roads are also heavily infested by corrupt and corrupting

police officers and motorists are sick and tired of them. They can’t have a decent journey without being stopped. In most cases they do find a fault where there isn’t one. The call by the President to enforce zero tolerance on corruption is just  cheap talk. If our leaders were serious about this issue, they would have to clean themselves up first, which is impossible for now. It’s like trying to wash a pig clean with dirty water. The Zanu PF thieves have stayed in their positions since and ‘alas’ the corruption goes on.

It’s high time we named and shamed these evil people in Zimbabwe. Thanks be to the social media which has become a great platform for Zimbabweans who before could not express their views without fear of torture or death. According to the 2012 International Corruption Perception Index, Zimbabwe now ranks at number 163 out of 176 countries alongside with Equatorial Guinea. On a scale of 0 (highly corrupt) to 10 (very clean), the CPI marked Zimbabwe at 2.0 which is a huge increase compared to 1999 ranking of 4.1. Image

The sad thing is that most of the corruption stems from the top government officials and filters through to the public. According to an independent report by” I Paid A Bride”, The police make up the highest percentage (44%) of corruption activities. The tide is moving so fast that it has spread to almost every civil department. Head nurses have been reported to have asked for bribes from prospective nursing students to get them enrolled. Several other departments such as ZESA, VID, Passport office and Municipal Services have also been caught up in the act. The flouting of tender procedures, fraudulent allowance claims, poor control of assets are some of the fraudulent activities within the land where the perpetrators go free.

This tide of corruption needs to be stopped right away as it has seriously gone out of hand. It brings no benefit to the country but rather destroys the moral, social and economic thread of the country and only you and I can do it by exposing such corrupt activities.