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I would like to congratulate Zimbabwe for attaining 32 years of independence.

Thirty two years on, it is paradoxical that I am writing to you from what has been my home for the past seven months: My 1,5m x 3,5m holding cell at Chikurubi Maximum Prison. My innocent colleagues and I are here because we have said enough is enough Mugabe Must GO! So how is our spirit and determination to go forward with the struggle? We are stronger than ever before.  I am greatly humbled by the unwavering support and solidarity that you have continued to show. Indeed I am profoundly moved, I urge you to keep up the spirit. My colleagues and I are sincerely grateful.

I want to take this opportunity to reflect on the essence of the liberation struggle:

Zimbabweans united and waged a protracted and excruciating struggle against the settler regime in pursuit of majority rule, one man one vote and the resolving of the land question.  This has however unfortunately been raped. What is in doubt today is whether majority rule as a tenet and practice of democracy and good governance is still being practiced. Are Zimbabweans freer now under the leadership of Robert Mugabe than they were under Ian Douglas Smith and his Rhodesian Front?

It is unfortunate that land, our land which was the major motivation behind the struggle for liberation, was parceled out to some few people using ZANU PF’s patronage system, given on partisan lines, when indeed all Zimbabweans participated in the liberation struggle.

Indigenization and economic empowerment

In the subsequent, a patronized asset stripping and plunder spree reminiscent of the reckless land seizures and destruction of the agricultural sector which had been the backbone of our economy, has been packaged as indigenization, without clear policy framework, to perpetuate looting.  

Justice System

Sons and daughters of Zimbabwe have been reduced to mere subjects of abject incarceration and persecution in the hands of a defective justice system presided over by power mongers and overstaying oldies, bent at silencing genuine voice of dissent.

The security sector

The patronage system by Mugabe is clearly visible and hinged on the way the Zimbabwe Security forces are run. All the security arms’ leaders exude an archaic and corrupt way of dealing with citizens perceived to be opponents of the ailing commander in chief. There seems to be a mentality of being immortal and “foreverness” among those leading these forces.

The people of Zimbabwe surely deserve a lot better. I would like to resolutely urge fellow youth and Zimbabweans to ensure that we reclaim what is rightfully ours. Our determination and conviction to see a better Zimbabwe for all must be our driving force.

We remain resolute in demanding optimal health for all; equal access to education and further training irregardless of political affiliation; demanding that there be comprehensive democracy in Zimbabwe; an absolute halt to state sponsored/organized violence against the people; a total stoppage to arbitrary arrests of political activists and civil rights activists. We also demand a stop to the selective application of the law by the Antony General, judiciary and police. We demand the creation of modern and sound infrastructural establishments in all sectors of our economy, policy consistency and predictability and political stability and the protection and furtherance of democratic institutions.

 Reforms and the election

Zimbabwe can definitely not afford not to have the long overdue fundamental reforms before any election that would be deemed democratic. We have a clearly defined election road map, with SADC as guarantor and that should and will be followed. If one political party goes against that, then the outcome of such an election is simply that of a primary election. It will just be unacceptable. Zimbabwe does not belong to any political party. There is no doubt what so ever that Zimbabweans will speak again in the forthcoming election in support of their candidate whose victory was robbed by Mugabe. That Morgan Tsvangirai will be the president of Zimbabwe after elections is sure and certain as the rising and setting of the sun. The only candidate who can defeat Morgan Tsvangirai is Jesus Christ himself.

The Constitutional agenda

We sincerely trust that COPAC will expedite the completion of the constitution making process, so that we can move forward as a nation. This moment in our history, becomes dawn call to every youth out there to go and register to vote, vote and be ever prepared to defend their vote.

Peace, tranquility and citizens’ livelihoods

It is my sincere hope that the government will sincerely gear up its effort in ensuring a violence free society and also to prepare to feed millions of hungry citizens, as we face another looming drought. The food must be distributed on non partisan grounds. The youth also hope that the new constitution and subsequently the new government will resuscitate and revamp our dying justice system that has been used as a tool of repression by the former ruling party. We also hope and demand to see a complete prosecution of 2008 murderers and those that were perpetrated before that period. Truth, reconciliation, justice and genuine individual and societal healing are indispensible if our nation has to go forward as desirable.

Government Work Programmes (GWPs)

The forthcoming election must ensure that our civil servants working conditions are greatly improved and that they are motivated by a reasonable and meaningful remuneration in order for them swiftly and effectively implement government work programmes (GWPs).

Fellow brothers and sisters, this current unjust and evil incarceration has taught me that dictators are all the same everywhere. They harden their stance so much as they reach their breaking point. Think of Adolf Hitler, Pinochet, Idi Amini, Sani Abacha, Slobidan Molosevich, Saddam Hussein, Hosni Mubarak, Ban Ali, Gaddafi, Bingu Wa Mutharika and many others. They are all history now.

I challenge fellow youth and the broader Zimbabwean community to reignite the fighting resolve. It is our duty as the youth to ensure that we reclaim what is rightfully ours. Our determination and conviction to see a better Zimbabwe for all must be our driving force.

We will always remember how all Zimbabweans from all walks of life sacrificed their lives for the birth of our nation.

God Bless Zimbabwe

I remain

Solomon Madzore


MDC Youth Assembly