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By Wesley Ndebele- Political Analyst 

There are clear indicators that Zanu PF is in serious problems as the leaders and supporters continue to fight amongst each other.

It’s reported that police in Masvingo had to deploy riot officers to a Zanu PF meeting in order to calm the situation. There are two factions within Zanu PF – Emmerson Mnangagwa and Joice Mujuru.

Vice President- Joice Mujuru

The supporters are believed to have been wrestling over the control of the party. There are those who believe Mnangagwa should be the one to take over. On the other hand there are the pro- Joice Mujuru who also believe she is the perfect candidate.

Makoni, a former Zanu PF politburo member, and now the leader of MKD party expressed that though Zimbabweans generally live in fear, it was Mugabe and his lieutenants who are scared the most.

In an article by Special Correspondence, the defence minister Emmerson Mnangagwa was also heard saying that Zanu PF was never going to be forced out of power. Such a statement deserves a saying that goes “ He who laughs first , laughs last”.

Minister of Defence -Emmerson Mnangagwa

The time is at hand now to prove to the defence minister and his leader that they will not be forced but will be politely told to go without packing, when the Zimbabweans go to the ballots and vote for the people’s party MDC.

Enos Nkala, a veteran nationalist who was fired from Zanu PF party in the late 1980s also spoke out that the party was lying on its deathbed and gasping for life. He also expressed that Zanu PF had no chance with MDC is the elections to come.

Zanu PF Veteran- Enos Nkala

One of the biggest problem with Zanu PF is that it has been overrun for a long time by a bunch of people who have long lost the core values and principle upon which the party was formed. They are now running the country with a lot of guessing along the way.

The president was heard saying that he was not going to step down simply because he feared there was no one capable and that the party would die.

This is quite an insult to all the Zanu PF heavy weights because in simple terms he is just telling them they are not capable and they don’t think. It seems his associates are quite happy being told they are not capable because non of them in their numbers seem to challenge him and tell him the truth that his time in office is “very long overdue . Instead they continue to elect him as leader of the party.

“Will a blind man lead another blind man? NO!,

Wont they both fall into a pit? YES!