Pastor Priscilla ZaranyikaBy Winnet Pricillah Zaranyika

Zimbabwe is once more in a fierce mood of election that has been always unfairly won, because of lack of democracy and mishandling of power by ZANU PF and its cronies.
The road to elections has always shown an ugly face towards its citizens. The elections have always been held in a way that favours Mugabe who has always chased the International Election Monitors despite several attempts by other the United Nations to get these non-partisan monitors to come and witness a very free and fair election process.

Mugabe wants the elections to be held before the constitution is completed, thereby ignoring the wishes and rights of fellow Zimbabweans like you and me. While Mr. Tsvangirai is busy sourcing funds from the international communities and well wishers, Mr. Mugabe is busy using funds from the natural resources like the money from the diamond fields in Chiadzwa in the Marange district. From my own understanding, this money is supposed to help the children of Zimbabwe and even to redo the infrastructure of our own country by building hospitals, schools, public roads, the list is endless I may get carried away with this lovely and wonderful dream of mine. Funny enough, the money is used to fund the thugs who Zanu-PF hires to do their dirty jobs in the name of protecting Zimbabwe’s sovereignty. The money from the diamonds that is rather used to sponsor inhuman activities could also be used to stop the brain drain in Zimbabwe which has totally crippled the country. Whilst Mr. Tsvangirai wishes to upgrade the status of mayors, councilors, chiefs etc. for better interactions with the Zimbabweans at grassroots who can bring change, Mr Mugabe (who forgets where his bread is buttered) is turning a blind eye forgetting where the votes came from in the first place. It really makes me wonder what he has on offer for us to vote for him again come election time.

MDC activists have been arrested on trumped up charges, for example, the MDC youth President Solomon Madzore is currently languishing in remand prison and 28 other activists following their arrests over an alleged involvement in the murder of Harare police officer, Inspector Petros Mutedza. This regime behaves in the same manner that was practised during the Smith era to silence their opponents, for example Mugabe, Nkala and others where   detained at Hwahwa and

The MDC Youth Assembly President _ Mr. Madzore

The MDC Youth Assembly President _ Mr. Madzore

Gonawadzingwa prisons before we got our independence in 1980 and now, a few years down the line,  Mugabe and his cronies are silencing their very own people the same way they were treated by the settlers in the Chimurenga days.

Power cuts in Zimbabwe have become a daily norm to an ordinary Zimbabwean whilst Mugabe and his cronies do not experience any of these black-outs and shortages of any kind of commodities. As if it was not enough, some suburbs in Zimbabwe have never had electricity installed in their areas since day one. There have always been empty promises from the Government all along.

To my fellow Zimbabweans, I say enough is enough. Let us remember that our oppressors will not give up power freely, what you and I have to do now is to fight for it relentlessly in order to reclaim our own God given basic human rights. It is our time to fight for our own freedom and stop these gross human rights abuses by the ruling party. If we all vote and supply resources, educating people about the importance of their votes, we will certainly gain the freedom that we want and complete the change…. It’s not over till it’s over.