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Patricia Munhumumwe - MDC High Wyconbe

By Patricia Munhumumwe – Human Rights Activist

Zimbabwe ndeyeropa “(Zimbabwe’s independence was won through bloodshed.) ZANU PF never allows us to forget that Zimbabwe ndeyeropa and time and time again we have seen the regime of Mugabe killing its own, It is more than 30 years on and we have very much saved the same questions on the death of Josiah Tongogara. In fact no-one was ever convinced that it was an accident, these organised deaths in fact benefit a particular person or people. I believe Tongogara was a threat to Mugabe therefore he was killed and that’s the Zanu PF way of solving problems.

Zanu PF’s arrogance has relegated elections to an unnecessary undertaking. Mujuru’s death as we hear is simply hard to accept that it was accident, Tongogara never lived to see the nation he fought to liberate-likewise Solomon Mujuru held the army together after Tongogara was murdered, he was an ambitious man and very influential within the Zimbabwean politics. Many questions were asked and discrepancies were unleashed yet Mugabe, in his tribute said it was an accident although police investigations were said to be in progress at that time. I have never heard of any Zanu senior getting sick for a long time, it is always some short illness or an “accident” or they just get killed by their own.

Mujuru became a danger and threat to the power-hungry loonies; he was then silenced to death in a mysterious fire at his farm. I can assure you that indeed there are many Zanu PF people who stand to benefit from Mujuru’s death. Tongogara had popularity and strength and leadership qualities, questions are still being asked as to who killed him and we don’t believe Mugabe’s version of events leading to Tongogara’s death. Tongogara died at a time when he had moved himself into a strong position of influence and power. The fact that he was in fact tipped to become the first president to an independent Zimbabwe with Robert Mugabe as Prime minister is a signal of his power, popularity and strength.

More than thirty years on, questions are still being asked and no one believes Mugabe’s version of events leading to Tongogara’s death. Thus, Tongogara became the first high-profile ZANU-PF staged death using “car accident” as an explanation. Car

An Activist Wearing A T/shirt Saying Who Killed Tongogara?

accident as an explanation?, we have lost many in these so-called accidents., and the list of those who perished in suspicious circumstances, especially freak car “accidents” like Tongogara is long, Some of these include outspoken parliamentarian Sydney Malunga, William Ndangana, Paul Gunda, one time Defence Minister Moven Mahachi, Hebert Chitepo- Car Bomb, Witness Rukarwa, Josiah Tongogara, Christopher Ushewokunze, Susan Tsvangirai, Border Gezi, Edison Zvobgo (2004): Car Accident (Only managed to break his legs), Zororo Duri (1996) Car Accident (Killed on the same spot as Ndangana), Winston Changara (2007), Brigadier  General Paul Armstrong Gunda: Rail Road Accident, the list is endless.

Then there is the issue of the ZANU PF minister, Elliot Manyika, who died in 2008 in a car accident. The circumstances of his death are exactly like those around the death of his ancestor, Border Gezi, who occupied the same exact position that Manyika held at the time of his death and others.

Border Gezi died in a car accident in April 2001 near Fairfield, about 120 kilometres from Masvingo. He was travelling to Masvingo to address party supporters and reshuffle the political leadership in the province. A car accident when a wheel on his Mercedes burst and the car rolled. He was assisted by a passing doctor who was, however, unable to save him and he was pronounced dead on arrival at the nearest hospital. Zanu PF even kills its own because they do not want anyone who performs well and that’s the way they also eliminated Tongogara because he was a threat. They have tried it on the MDC but could not achieve anything.

 Elliot Manyika: He was travelling from Mutare to Gwanda in Matabeleland South to preside over the election of Zanu-PF leaders in that province. Manyika’s brother, Allen, reportedly told mourners at his funeral that his brother had been warned not to go to

Gwanda, but had insisted, he died when his Mercedes also burst a tyre and his car rolled. He was also assisted by a passing doctor who was, however, unable to save him and he was pronounced dead on arrival at a Bulawayo hospital.

What baffles me is that both men were political commissars, they both were at some point Governors of Mashonaland Central Province, and both men were legislators for Bindura constituency and served as Minister for Gender, Youth and Employment Creation. In fact, Elliot Manyika just took over every position that Border Gezi held, from the cabinet post to the Bindura parliamentary seat. Some unconfirmed reports even say he even impregnated Border Gezi’s wife, perhaps to perfect the complete take over. Furthermore, both men officiated over some of the most violent election campaigns in Bindura, transforming the once peaceful and quiet Bindura town into a breeding ground of political violence. They both loved song and dance. Elliot Manyika is attributed for composing and making popular the song Nora. On the other hand Border Gezi entertained people to no end with his kongonya and belly dances. From Chitepo to Elliot Manyika Zimbabwe lost a lot of senior politicians in automobile related accidents, with the worrying trend are that most of the drivers and aides survive the accident.

No wonder why people say Politics is a dirty game, if one is too smart, is it  best to keep away?. It is about concessions, and at the very end the innocent souls in the street takes all the pain and suffering. If they were to conduct a referendum on whether to have the truth and reconciliation commission or to Prosecute the perpetrators, I am more than convinced that those for the Action were going to carry the day. But some politicians representing the whole loads, made a decision for them, which was not of their liking.

Zanu PF committed crimes against humanity, school children are being talked into violent killings, people driven into camps, and we saw then, at some time, that chapters are closed, not because the people wanted it that way, but some Zanu PF politicians decided for them. We have lost so many in the so-called accidents, ZANU-PF cannot be allowed to continue with these inhuman killings in which people lose their lives because of a difference in opinion, there are always theories around these deaths.  It is no secret that in ZANU PF, supremacy and age are like peas in a pod and ZANU leaders enjoy pulling rank and for all the old guard to be lost or get influential provincial positions on the whims and impulses of a political commissar still considered green behind the ears may not be particularly pleasing.

On an evaluation, is there any other country that loses politicians due to car related accidents more than Zimbabwe? ZANU-PF survived and flourished on violence for so long that people’s lives mean nothing to them. Killing people is now just a way of life and an acceptable way of resolving certain issues for them. It is uncertain if anyone really controls this so-called ZANU party because each division has its own needs and expectations and only listens to those within its own division. These inhuman killings must stop.