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Patricia Munhumumwe - MDC High Wyconbe

By Patricia Munhumumwe – Human Rights Activist

The Movement for Democratic Change celebrated 12 years ever since being formed on September the 11th 1999. On September the 10th, 2011, thousands of MDC supporters all over gathered at different venues in order to celebrate this Anniversary. In Zimbabwe Harare, people gathered at   Gwanzura Stadium, in the UK, people gathered in Luton and all around to celebrate the 12 years of the people’s struggle for true and real change”.

As you’ve already probably noticed, MDC had tasted the humps of life and the pain of suffering and scarcity, but above all MDC has purposefully and bravely stood up to oppression and injustice. We celebrated with a purpose because of what MDC has achieved over the last 12 years, Its 12 years of support for people’s rights and interests in intense of hardship and harassment. There have been political, economic, and social achievements and on the political front, we have managed to remove the Zanu PF dominance on state power. We now have a minister of finance who has done well in controlling the spending of money by the former ruling party.

 All of us at one time or another have found ourselves in uncomfortable conditions that we did not deal with as we feared torture. Previously, when it was Zanu PF, it was a free spending approach by the so-called Zanu PF securocrats. It was a wastrel government however Minister Biti brought in the new comprehensive government and order.

Thank God we have a measure of discipline in the manner in which the economy is run and because of that we are celebrating with a purpose and very much going strong as we have formed a united and unconquerable stand with peace, dedication and equal opportunities, general objectives and also national values. MDC’s desire is to advance the national interest of its people. In reality, we are now 12 years stronger, focused, and very ready to deliver through open-mindedness and harmony.

However on the other side of the coin, we have formed a key force that stands for a government and policy schedule that puts people first and progress our attention as unique foundation of authenticity .The MDC symbolizes the superiority of the nation and its people. We reject any structure that prioritises the defence of control interests at the price of its people. Truth be told, I believe that all of us carry portions of our past throughout our lives especially for those who have lost their loved ones. But even a bad experience doesn’t have to be detrimental.

We have also noticed that Prime Minister Tsvangirai has brought with him an implemented work ethic in government. He has introduced the government work programme where ministers’ acts are monitored to make sure that they meet their targets but not surprisingly enough, we have realised that some ministers, especially Zanu PF ministers, fail to meet targets set for them by the premier.

MDC reaped huge rewards in the 2008 harmonious general elections held under a punishing economic environment. We lost a lot of comrades whose lives were so innocent that they did not deserve to die. For many years, I am so sure that it has come to Mugabe’s attention that we are a peace-loving community – the only reason why he keeps torturing and killing our relatives – our kindness is being mistaken for a weakness but what he doesn’t know is the fact that the world is watching his callous works and indeed we are rising against the inhuman and degrading of our human rights situation.

As we celebrate this anniversary, we hope to work as a team with the interest of Zimbabwe as our prime purpose. Therefore we truly believe that there is room for all especially if we work together’. Please understand that we may never be able to solve all our problems to our liking and because of that, there  are so many lives that we have lost during this struggle , the lives of  innocent souls like Tonderai Ndira who

Tonderai Ndira - Murdered by Zanu Pf Agents

was murdered in May 2008, Bertha Chokururama, Godfrey Kauzani, and recently Rwisai Nyakauru and many others, We  lost some of the most superb and gifted people of  our country.” we don’t believe in brutality even if Zanu beat and murder our people, they are not going to change our minds, We are the victims of Zanu PF State-sponsored violence ,We are human and  therefore we have the right to choose our leaders and we will choose our leader when the time comes. Zanu PF can spoon our eyes out but we can still see through you, Yes all I’m trying to stress out  is that  Zanu can kill the protester but can’t kill the protest and they may kill some of us but they can never kill the will of the people..

We very much remain observant and hard-working knowing that, we will never give up and there’s nothing that can dominate or conquer the human spirit. No single human being is perfect and as you can guess, we draw comfort from the knowledge that excellence is a magnet to conspiracy, negative and criticism. The party of excellence, Movement for Democratic Change is driven by a social justice agenda and enjoys the without doubt consent from the people of Zimbabwe to bring about significant changes to a besieged country.

We resolve to take a stand; we are very ready, ready for it all the way through for a change. “as we continue to pray for all who have authority and give our leaders what they need in order to exercise sound judgment and make wise decisions as The bible says, ‘Righteousness exalts a nation(proverbs 14:34)

 To reiterate, we look to God for insight and guidance as we face yet elections, yes we will conquer you-again!

Yes we will!!!


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