By Wesley Ndebele- Political Analyst

Corruption in public offices such as ZRP and ZIMRA is now a way of life as they demand bribes for people on a daily basis.

Since the discovery of diamonds in Zimbabwe, more and more storied have been reported on how the mining of diamonds has become a revenue for Zanu PF.

The Marange diamond fields were seized in 2008 by government security forces, who killed at least 200 small scale miners leaving only the companies who have connections with Zanu PF to mine the diamonds- keeping it in the family. The soldiers have also been reported to be involved in the smuggling of diamonds in the fields. Common sense would demand that the diamonds are mined and sold properly for the benefit of the country. However its saddening that only a few greedy senior people and their associates benefit.

At the end of 2009 the Zimbabwean government agreed to undertake a series of reforms as a basis for Kimberley Process authorisation of further exports. This ‘Joint Work Plan’ required among other things, demilitarisation, action on smuggling, and the legalisation of small scale mining.

Sadly the Zimbabwean military still remains deeply involved in diamond mining in Marange and widespread smuggling continues whilst refusing small scale miners to work legally.

Soldiers guarding Marange fields

Regular reports of human rights abuses against miners by security forces continue . It now seems habitual for Zanu PF to continue with such unacceptable behaviour and still expect no one to question or challenge them.

There are also reports from credible sources of increasing paramilitary activity in the countryside, especially in the Shona populated areas. Hit squads are still busy. Land invasions have not ceased. The judicial machinery is still being used for ZANU-PF ends. The MDC has lost its majority in Parliament because of spuriously motivated arrests of MPs.

The land invaders have also occupied the southern part of Gonarezhou National Park, Chiredzi and Save conservancies. Conservancy owners are battling to keep these thugs out but without success.

Butchered elephant at Gonarezhou National Park

Wild Life and Environment Zimbabwe (WEZ) is reported to have been putting pressure on the government to intervene before it’s too late, otherwise the country will be guilty of failing dismally to conserve its wildlife resources.

Meanwhile, Zanu (PF) supporters are also reported to be targeting white-owned properties in Chiredzi urban with a grouping calling itself “Youth Movement” and invading an urban property belonging to the Henning brothers before proclaiming it as a flea-market.

Greig Henning reported the matter to the Police at Chiredzi but they declined to accept the criminal charge of Breaking and Entering that he attempted to lay. The police instead stated that what had happened was “country-wide”.

According to them It is being perpetrated by “youths” who claim that since the “fat cats” have grabbed all the agricultural land, there was nothing else left for them to grab other than “low-activity” urban property,” said Hennings in his letter.

Despite all this happening, Zanu PF continues to turn a blind eye to such issues of great concern which are tearing the fabric of our beloved country.