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It’s a well known fact that our “beloved” president Robert Mugabe and his ZANU-PF chums have a deposition for travel – holidays, shopping trips and now in desperation for Robert, health reasons.

It comes as no surprise that in six months, Robert has racked up an astounding bill of US$20.6 million for travel alone! This amount is way over his allocated annual travel budget of US$15 million – then again this is Robert “Grabber” Mugabe that I am talking about!

In his entity, the majority of travel has been for medical attention as this ailing dictator continues his fight against age – hopefully he hasn’t found an answer to immortality with the “allocated” funds he has at his disposal…

It’s a well known fact that Mugabe is a sick dictator in all regards. Now he has had to resort to being whisked away to the Far Eastnumerous times for treatment. It seems that the fact that he believes that he was “fixed” and able to produce children, similar actions will keep him alive. If rumours are true, he could only achieve what potential parents in the post Hiroshima era could – severely disabled children and that’s why all believe that his youngest child is not his but one of an able bodied man! Good luck in your bid to extending your life!

Mugabe and his ailing ZANU-PF goons continue to raid the treasury by funding their lavish and “important” travels, where they have extremely large and unnecessary entourages accompanying them – would they be able to explain the validity of every individual on each trip to the masses, I think not.

Robert and Co. – As you travel to the ends of the earth to get the best possible care in exclusive hospitals, are you not displaying your non existent faith in the failing healthcare system in Zimbabwe – a system failing because of you! Note the repetition Robert – FAILING!!!


Is local private healthcare is not good enough for you or has your witchdoctor suggested risking DVT for treatment in theFar Eastas all he can offer you is protection from mass murder!?

Unlike normal people who would retire when poor health has caught up with them you continue to hold on to power and abuse it!

To further highlight this blatant abuse of power;

  • It has been reported that the vice president, John Nkomo, collapsed in his home inHararedue to cancer and was too weak and unable to walk unaided so was therefore airlifted to an exclusive clinic inSouth Africafor treatment on a “life threatening medical condition.”  – At least he didn’t go toAsia– or was the journey too long? I am not being heartless but when did his position of authority supersede his local health system treating him?
  • Grace Mugabe was also recently whisked off to Singapore after allegedly dislocating her hip in the bath at their Borrowdale home (I personally blame the policeman caught in Bob’s toilet or countless others) or you can believe the ZANU-PF spokesperson who said that Grace had suffered a hip complication whilst giving birth to her last son Chatunga 14 years ago which seemed to have worsened with time! At least ZANU-PF has maintained a sense of humour!

In typical form, you attempt to regain your youth but remember Robert and Co. you cannot buy time OR Gods wrath!

Everybody dies, but not everyone lives – remember that the next time you spend thousands of dollars treating yourself when you could be helping your people LIVE!!!