Robert Mugabe in 1991. Taken by myself.

Robert Mugabe - Image via Wikipedia

Zanu PF – nothing without Mugabe

Kings and Queens can stay in power if they live to a hundred but do we really want the same from President Mugabe?? I mean really??

President Mugabe says he is not ready for retirement. Despite growing concerns about his age, he feels ZANU PF will collapse without him as its leader. Clearly, he has no faith the people in his party to successfully succeed him where he to retire. His fear is that in this time of “crisis” – ie the possible regime change – the party will crumble if he was to retire and not see it through this difficult time.Which begs the question Is Zanu PF a one man party? Surely after this long, President Mugabe would have recognised and maybe even considered possible successors should the need arise and yet with every word he speaks it becomes more and more clear that this party is so yesterday. The strings that are keeping it together are wearing very thin and Mugabe is realising that he no longer has a firm grip. Instead of grooming a successor, he’d much rather stay put and see the party through the crisis it is face with.

At 87, whether in good or questionable health, it’s hardly advisable that one should have to single handedly deal the stresses of not only running a country but keeping a political party afloat. Everything has its time and purpose, if Zanu PF can not go on without Mugabe, maybe its time to bring in the ship into shore and throw away the oars.