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Careless statements by ZANU PF militia in the National army

Hasani Hasani - Political Analyst

 By: Hasani Hasani – Political Analyst
Recent utterances by a ZANU PF apologist masquerading as a professional military officer Brigadier General Douglas Nyikayaramba that the army will not salute anyone without liberation war credentials surprise no one. The statements only serve to confirm the long-held suspicion that the army is the power behind Mugabe’s continued misrule of Zimbabwe. It further strengthens the call by the MDC formations for an urgent need for security sector reforms before the next elections are held.

The General was appointed by his friend Robert Mugabe to command the Chiadzwa diamond fields after his predecessor Brigadier General Richman Ncube was demoted for failing to rein in juniors who were scrambling for diamonds. This promotion gave Nyikayaramba the power to run the third infantry brigade in Mutare and now by all means necessary, he is now trying to show his allegiance to his master before he faces the same demoting syndrome that haunts this party for life.

The Zimbabwe National Army Flag

SADC and the AU need to act seriously on these issues where the military usurp the power of the people by issuing threats to the opposition even before the democratic processes are finalised. Nyikayaramba and his ilk should come clean on whether they want to run for public office of the presidency themselves than to hide behind the war of liberation. It is their right to run for public office as citizens of Zimbabwe, but they should first shed their military fatigues and formally resign from the army and come into the political fray like the rest. These power-hungry loonies should not abuse office and state resources to campaign for a dead donkey called ZANU PF.

The only election that Mugabe “won” was the 1980 election that brought Zimbabwe’s independence from colonial rule. In all the next elections, he used military force and intimidation and therefore can never be said that he won a free and fair election.

However, the cat came out of its sack on the eve of 2002 Presidential election when the then army commander General Vitalis Zvinavashe, sensing massive defeat for the civilian face of the military junta Mugabe, issued the same ominous statement that the military will not salute anyone without liberation war credentials. If this is not a sure sign of a bloodless coup, I don’t know what it is.

If anyone outside of the Zanu – PF circles had said the same statement, a treason case would have been pursued against whoever had said it but instead a massive rigging, torture and killings of the opposition by the police, CIO and the military followed these utterances.

The conduct of the election was strongly condemned by the Commonwealth, Norwegian observers, Zimbabwean opposition figures, and Western governments and the media but to everyone’s surprise, the Organisation of African Unity (OAU) described the election as “transparent, credible, free and fair”.

It goes without mention what to expect before, during and after the next elections are held. SADC and AU should know better how to deal with such wayward political parties as ZANU PF which is prepared to go down with the rest of the region. The current Arab Spring is a living example of what happens when you take people for granted. Let those that have eyes see and I rest my case…
Hasani Hasani