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The evil political “genius” and strategist Adolf Hitler understood that he had to capture the minds and hearts of every German citizen and to do that he had to get to them when they were still children, he was so driven by total domination that he created the Hitler Youth. This youth service had a statutory entry-level of 10 years old and ended when one became an adult at 18 years. As a segregated faction, it consisted of two sections, one for the boys and another for the girls.

The boys were prepared for military service and their activities included; pistol shooting and grenade throwing whilst the girls were prepared for motherhood and how to raise children who would be educated in the ways of National Socialism.

For the boys, The Hitler Youth succeeded in mesmerising and brainwashing an entire generation of idealistic Germans with a NAZI ideology of racial and national superiority. These juveniles would later be the aggressors who carried out, without question the barbaric war crimes that we remember  the holocaust for – all in the name of Hitler.

The reason I am talking about Hitler is because he had the same ideology that Robert Mugabe currently has in realising that the future of their political party lay in the children. Like Hitler, President Mugabe promoted youth service as a voluntary option but after a pitiful reception from the masses, it was made compulsory and as a result people were not admitted into institutes of higher learning or the job market without having enrolled in the service.

The National Youth Service in Zimbabwe was established in 2001 and was for the ages of between 10-30 yrs. It claimed to instill in young Zimbabweans, a sense of patriotism, national identity, discipline, self-reliance and unity which on the surface is an admirable motivator,  however to enforce these ideals, the youth service camps used tactics of intimidation, torture, rape and food denial to remove in the youth like during Hitler’s time weakness. Mugabe used his power through the government to make national service the country’s all-encompassing youth movement, where youths are brain washed and encouraged to translate ideas into action.


Those who came out of these training camps ran riot during the 2008 presidential elections and were responsible for the rape, torture and murder of thousands of innocent people. They enforced the unwritten  laws of ZANU-PF and similar to the time of Hitler where the youth chanted Heil Hitler in Zimbabwe the youth more or less bellow Hail Mugabe.

In a famous speech by Adolf Hitler in 1933 he said of the youth; “I want a brutal, domineering, fearless and cruel youth. Youth must be all that. It must bear pain; there must be nothing weak and gentle about it. The free, splendid beast must once again flash from its eyes….. That is how I will eradicate thousands of years of domestication…. That is how I will create the new order.” – I sometimes wonder if that is where Mugabe gets his inspiration from.

The basis of this article is because the Ministry of Youth Development, Indigenisation and Empowerment, which is unsurprisingly headed by,a former youth leader of ZANU-PF has recently circulated a proposal to re-introduce national service where training would begin from pre-school to university level and war veterans would be brought in as teachers or should I say instructors. The proposal is for an immediate implementation training on a massive scale. Their ruse this time is to re-orient young people so that they learn about Zimbabwe, pre-colonial, colonialism, The Chimurenga wars and the post-colonial state – so much for history lessons at school!

Starting this year the youth service could begin churning out 300 000 youth militia each year and give Mugabe ample ammunition for the elections, where polls are characterised by violence and intimidation spear-headed by these aggressive youth militia.

Again President Mugabe, what a time to want to re-introduce the National Youth Service? Ahead of possible crucial elections this year? It is no secret that you have used them in the past for violent policies of land invasions, coercive political mobilisation and forcing people to buy ZANU-PF membership cards, why not show how desperate you really are!

I can only imagine the number of additional human rights violations that would be carried out in Zimbabwe if they indeed churned out 300 000 graduates each year. The youth seems to miss the point that if  they get their hands dirty for ZANU-PF they are soiling the cloth of our beloved Zimbabwe.

In return for their services they are rewarded with jobs in the civil service such as the army and the police. Most of all they are offered immunity from persecution from any crime they would have committed for ZANU-PF. I ask is Mugabe’s reign of terror to continue as the world turns a blind eye to the plight of Zimbabwe??

Does Mugabe stand in front of those youths and draw inspiration from this speech made by Adolf Hitler when he says: “We are used to battle for out of it we came. We will plant our feet firmly in our earth and no attack shall move us. You will stand with me should such a time come. You will stand before me, at my side and behind me holding our flags high. Let our old enemies attempt to rise up once more.”

The Zimbabwean crisis has been somewhat overshadowed by the uprisings in North Africa and the Middle East however Robert Mugabe seems to have a lot in common with Adolf Hitler; they have so much blood on their hands. Mugabe clearly knows that due to their ignorance those in this Youth Brigade do not realise that their murderous ways will catch up with them. Remember the old saying –  what goes around comes around. 

With the discovery of the bodies in the mine in Mt Darwin I just hope we are not heading towards our own version of the Holocaust at the hands of Robert Mugabe.


Dear Mr Mugabe as you seem to gather all your inspiration from Adolf Hitler may I remind you about Hitler’s downfall when he committed suicide in 1945  – he had no intention of being caught and being put on trial, he led Germany into the ground and left only rubble, nobody loved him and most importantly he was never remembered for doing good.

 He died a dishonourable man.