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Angeline Chivunze - Political Analyst

MDC-T youth supporters reportedly attacked mourners at Warren Hills Cemetery including Zanu PF supporters who were there to bury a colleague. The picture on this report is of a group of men gathered round and in the middle is another man laid face down on the ground. The caption reads “MDC-T youths celebrate their brutal assault on the Zanu-PF supporter lying motionless on the ground at Warren Hills Cemetery in Harare on Wednesday afternoon.”


About 300 MDC -T youths are said to have been present on this day and launched an unprovoked attack on the mourners in the cemetery. This report screams of half the truth but why should that surprise any of us. The Herald will always speak for the regime and everyone knows that.

A picture is worth a thousand words and subject to various interpretations. In my opinion, there is nothing in this picture that suggests that these people are in fact the so-called MDC -T youths. Is it not possible that they could be Zanu PF supporters, especially when you consider that there is no evidence of this so-called brutal attack on the man laying on the ground face down? One cannot see whether or not this man has even been attacked – consider the fact that there is no sign of blood anywhere in the picture. I am also left wondering about where the rest of the 300 rowdy youths were and why it seems this would have seemed to be the best picture to use considering the caption. Surely if violence erupted, the photographer could have taken a better shot to prove that this in fact happened.

As we all know, MDC gatherings have been banned. So riddle me this – there were no arrest made and yet we know that if this were really MDC youths causing havoc, every last one of them would have been behind bars.

The Commissioner of police Wayne Bvudzijena said in a statement that the police did not need to be reminded of their constitutional obligations by anyone. The police needs to start applying the law to all despite their political affiliation. Fat chance of that happening given they work for the regime. But we live in hope for a better tomorrow.