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Why is Mugabe against United States, Britain and France’s attacks in Libya? Is he scared he could be the next one on the list?


Zimbabwean President Robert Mugabe was recently rapping attacks by the Western countries on Libya and accusing them of twisting the meaning of a UN resolution imposing a no-fly zone. He was quoted in several newspapers saying “the West has been acting in the same hypocritical way as before”, they interpreted the UN Security Council Resolution to have permission to bombard any places of their own choice in Libya including civilian places and also saying it’s the West which is bombarding Libya and doing it callously and they don’t care who dies.

I think the world’s most hated dictator has forgotten also that three African countries actually voted for the UN to impose a no-fly-zone in Libya. These include Gabon, Nigeria and South Africa and also the Arab league also supported the measures too.

According to the most hated dictator Robert Mugabe it’s a mistake voting for these measures to be imposed because the Western countries are taking advantage of the unrest in Libya to gain access to the country’s oil wealth. “Now the West is taking advantage of the fact that it has been given that support to let itself in a position in which tomorrow it would be masters of resources of Libya, especially the oil,” he said.”And it is this oil, oil, oil which is the undoing of the Libyan people and we have supported it.”

Mugabe has never publicly admitted that the form of government in Libya is less than desirable; he never said a word when Gaddafi was using heavy fire on unarmed demonstrators yet he is blaming the Western countries for defending civilians in Libya. Who does Mugabe has at heart honestly? Is it the civilian population of Libya or Gaddafi? If it is the people of Libya that he has at heart, as he wants us to believe, where was he when Gaddafi was using guns and bombs on the same Libyans? Where was Mugabe when Gaddafi was bragging about his ability to use violence? Maybe the best advice for Mugabe is shut up and you’re UN’s next target. I personal hope when the Western countries are done with Gaddafi they must target Mugabe next before Zimbabwe gets any worse.

In my opinion Mugabe has in the past blamed everything that went wrong in Zimbabwe like the economy on Western countries and this is no different. He tries to blame everything that goes wrong on either the Western countries or MDC. I wish the Western countries can get rid of Mugabe, ZANU (PF) party, ministers, army, CIO, and top police cowards. Mugabe and ZANU (PF) have to be removed by aggression. Mugabe loves to use his cronies against the civilians to preserve the position he stole in 2008 election and he knows UN will not tolerate violence against innocent people. They lost the 2008 elections but refused to go so we need the Western countries to use force like what they are doing in Libya to remove this dictator and his thugs.


It doesn’t sound right at all to hear Robert Mugabe getting really concerned about people dying in Libya when he has killed a lot of Zimbabweans during election times

Mugabe has been killing hundreds of people all over Zimbabwe. During 2008 a lot of people got murdered and hundreds just disappeared.  Mugabe doesn’t care about democracy and the rule of law. It’s sad to have leaders so obsessed by power that all they see is interference when people are standing up to say NO! How will the Western countries drill oil from Libya? Who is going to help MDC and the opposition party when you send the 5th brigade, war veterans, and youth military to kill innocent people all over Zimbabwe?

Gaddafi got what he deserved. Mugabe is only complaining because he got caught with part of his army in Libya. He has no idea how to get them out and what will happen next. Who owns most of these ‘Black mercenaries’? African leaders have a habit of helping each other perform acts of violence on the opposition. They always fatten their private bank accounts from the dying of army fools. I bet you some of these so called mercenaries if quizzed will turn out to be armies of some governments.