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Memory Kahuta - Writer And Political Analyst

It is very obvious that of the many enemies the Zimbabwean Nation has had to face in the past, corruption has become Zimbabwe’s biggest enemy that has led to the worst economic recession that has ever been experienced in the whole world. The same country that was known to be the bread basket of Africa has become a poverty-stricken nation that is constantly being aided by non-governmental and other charitable organisations because the situation has become too big for the Zimbabwean government to deal with.

Even though such things are not usually talked or written about, probably because of pride and also the shame that Mugabe would have to face as a leader, it is the simple truth and it is reality. I do not know how the ordinary people would have survived the hard times if it was not for charitable organisations. Even though they do not get the appreciation that is due to them and are often despised by those that are wealthy (the same ones that manipulate the economy through corruption), I am sure without a shadow of doubt that Zimbabweans as individuals, are very grateful for the great work, the change and the hope that has been brought to their lives by these organistaions.
It is very clear and visible, as it is said the writing is on the wall. Some people see it and choose to ignore it but we need to deal with the very root of corruption in Zimbabwe. Many Zimbabweans including me myself and I, are sick and tired of the blame game. Yes colonization was wrong; hence we fought against it and gained freedom through the liberation struggle. We got our independence and we are very grateful.

Now that we have acknowledged that corruption is rampant within the government, we have suddenly been overcome by the triumph of materialism which has caused the illness of the spirit. Corruption has become the ocean that we swim in and the air we breathe and as a result, poverty and family disintegration have replaced the aspirations for a decent life and a hopeful future. We do not know what is wrong and what is right anymore, it has become more like the struggle for the wealthiest or survival of the fittest.

 For how long shall Mugabe continue to use his colonisation rhetoric to cover up for his party’s gluttony? A party that is not only power-hungry but a party  that squanders the wealth of the nation at the expense of ordinary citizens, who by right are meant to be partakers and coheirs of this wealth. These people have nothing to their name, not even food on their table, whilst the Zanu-Pf regime has everything to their name even pearls and diamonds. My heart bleeds for Zimbabwe and my prayer is for justice to prevail.

The revelations that the collapse of Zimbabwe was authored and promoted by Zanu Pf through unbridled asset-stripping, corruption, violence and dictatorship even though Mugabe always sings and whines about the targeted sanctions imposed by the Western countries saying that they were the result for the country’s economic collapse over the last decade, what a complete nonsense.

People like Chombo and other top officials in Zanu Pf are blocking good things for people of Zimbabwe, now the whole world can see how deep the dictatorship can go. Is it not amazing how much wealth other top officials have in their names if Ignatius Chombo has that much to his name?

Mugabe used to be the champion of weeding out corruption in way back in the 80’s but now he is on the top of the looting ladder together with his allies in his party. They have turned formerly innocent people into criminals by killing and torturing. 

Many Zimbabwean families were made homeless during the MURAMBATSVINA era in 2005, which was unnecessary and very unsuccessful even up to this day. In actual fact, it even made the situation worse because people had shelter before the operation even though it was not the best, but now they have nothing, not even a roof over their heads.


The number of people living in streets has increased yet the Zanu Pf ministers own so many properties, some of them equivalent to cities like Rusape, and the poor the ordinary people become, the wealthier they become. These people are living in heaven on earth through our suffering however, it seems like it will only be for a moment. How many of them are still keeping their skeletons in their closets?

Remember Willowgate scandal, Housing scandals, Oil scandals to all the promising futures they have destroyed in the name of protecting a legacy from an armed struggle which some of them never fought. Talk about money laundering at its best. It is a mystery which banks these people invest their moneys in, if it was clean money then we would know because there would not be a reason to hide. It is such a shame but one thing is certain that all these sagas will surely be exposed when the Mugabe’s government is gone and no stone will be left unturned.

We want a government that will bring a real change, a government that does not tolerate any sort of corruption, and a government whose interest and purpose is to serve the country and not to be served by the country’s wealth. We want a government that distinguishes right from wrong, that has its people at heart. When corruption has taken place and is exposed, individuals involved must be seriously dealt with no matter who they are or what position they hold in the goverment, this would serve as a warning to the majority of the people who are corrupt.

We are tired of being insignificant citizens, we have a voice and we will speak out. We need change and I mean a real change coming from a new people driven constitution and let us name and shame whoever is corrupt. I will start by saying NO to Zanu-Pf, NO to its corruption and corruptors. All we want is transparency, honesty, and clean hands for a clean Zimbabwe.

By Memory Kahuta Political Analyst and Human Rights Activist. contact details: mkahuta@live.co.uk