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On the 14th Page 0f the Evening Standard of the 1st of March 2011, someone wrote that America and Britain should not poke their nostrils into the Libyan crisis to oust the Gaddafi regime. More over it goes on to stress that other nations namely Russia, Germany and China are dragging their feet to commit on helping the Libyans.

These are words from the spoiled brats wrapped and embroidered in their Disney fantasy world. They classify themselves as the elite who travel across the globe to stuff their faces with jelly and pudding, drink wine until they are sick while the world is starving. Then after a night of binge drinking, they think of a story to write for the tabloids to fetch a five-figure fat cheque to bump up their bank balance. What do they know about suffering? The words “torture and oppression” are definitely missing in their dictionaries.

Can someone tell me how armless civilians can protect themselves from a barrage of bullets, torpedoes and canons? Gaddafi’s gangsters have been killing innocent people in Libya and their only crime is that they are trying to redeem their freedom from the Gaddafi regime. They are trying to free themselves from the hands of a dictator by having peaceful mass demonstrations around the country and I believe that it is their fundamental right to do so, in the same way it happened in Egypt, Tunisia and some parts of the Northern part of the African Continent.

They are showing their frustration and bitterness through these “peaceful” mass demonstrations, the same situation that has befallen Zimbabweans for so many years. Due to the lack of leverage from the Western countries, Zimbabweans have failed to put that last nail on Mugabe’s coffin. If Zimbabweans were given that helping hand the way they did to Iraq, Afghanistan and now Libya, Mugabe and his gangsters could have long gone. We have been met with so much aggression by the Mugabe regime each time we tried to mobilise ourselves to take that first step to talk or say anything about how badly the country needs a change.

We have seen or witnessed scores of arrests of human rights defenders and political activists including the leaders of the opposition parties, mainly the Movement for Democratic Change and nothing has been done about it and now to Mugabe, this seems to be a weakness within our society. Mugabe, just like Gaddafi and all the evil tyrants in the world, has control of the Defence ministry and the opposition has got no control of anything at all if any. The world has been standing watching by, expecting us to fight an armed man. We are not crying for AK 47s or F16s, all we want is a shield that will protect us when we take our issues to the streets.

Now, it is mind-boggling to note that America, Britain and other European countries involved have sent an army to protect the civilians in Libya when they have not done the same thing in Zimbabwe? I say this because what Mugabe and his cronies have done in Zimbabwe is even worse than what Saddam and Gaddafi have done in a short spell of time. Is there some hidden agenda in these operations from the West? Mugabe is just as bad if not worse than Charles Taylor, Saddam Hussein, Hosni Mubarak and Muammar Gaddafi but he is still a free man when some dictators from the oil rich nations have faced the consequences of all the wrongs they did.


You may argue in any way you want by saying that sanctions were imposed to serve as punishment to the regime but who exactly is suffering as a result of these so-called targeted sanctions? It is quite clear that it is people like you and me who are suffering the most. Mugabe and his cronies will never and have never felt the pinch because they have already made billions when they were still friends with their so-called enemies these days. (When two bulls meet, only the grass suffers the most)

Some sources argue that Zimbabwe has nothing to offer in return if we were to be helped out of these doldrums. In as much as I hate this statement, my inner feelings tell me that it could be the reason why we have been left on the latch for so long. There has been gross human rights abuses and heinous crimes committed for over three decades in Zimbabwe but it has only taken a few weeks for Libya to get that help we have been crying for…. But hey, wait a minute… the UK government recently made an announcement that it is now safe to return failed asylum seekers back to their home country, are they telling me that they can’t see all the arrests of all the Human Rights and Political Activist in Zimbabwe? Maybe they have finally heard about the diamonds now, hmmm!  A friend of mine once told me that the arms are only there to protect the wealth and interests of our sovereignty and not to breed freedom. It kind of taste sour but it makes sense to me now.

I am made to believe that nothing under the sun is has more value life because life is worth much more than gold. You think I am lying, tell me how many people have come back to life after death? Lose your gold now and tell me that you cannot buy another one. Life is irreplaceable my brothers and sisters. Why then do we add no value to someone’s life or why do we prefer to protect oil and diamonds more than life?  So does this mean that if we had that cherished liquid in Zimbabwe, which they call crude oil or deposit of natural gas, would we then qualify to be helped? Hey we live in a matrix where the hopeless will always be held at ransom.

To the Libyans, I salute you with honour and respect, you took a niche please follow it; no one should deter you from it. And, to my fellow Zimbabwean comrades, the struggle continues and it needs to be intensified for a positive change.

Finally, to all the leaders of the Western world and other nations who have made this possible for Libya, may that wave of common sense not stop there but reach to other nations like Zimbabwe who are in dire need of your help. I can confirm Zimbabweans will never be free until you extend your helping hand to them regardless of whether they have oil or not.

WE NEED THAT HELP AS WELL. Freedom has no colour and boundary, everyone is entitled to it.