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Watching the news these past few weeks has been an eye-opening experience – what has this world come to? I feel these so-called Western Powers of the world need to provide an answer!

“Intervention in Libya through military force! I ask why? With the lives lost in Egypt, Bahrain and Tunisia, all these Western Powers did was condemn the violence, not one nation declared war!”

To be clear, I applaud the Libyans and I am all for their rising up against their oppressive leader who has ruled with an iron fist for 42 years.

In my train of thought questions remain – how many other ruthless leaders are out there, especially in Africa, who rule with an iron fist and are willing to do whatever it takes to remain in power even if that means killing their own country men and women knowing that there will be no “Western Intervention”? To me it seems that these Western Powers are selective about their intervention – is it because other countries do not have such a precious commodity such as oil – also known as black gold? Since when did a barrel of muck hold more value than a human life?

What happened to the values of world peace and upholding them!?

My next question is – What are the real motives of these Western Powers? Is it the oil or are they really looking to free the people of Libya from their tyrant? In reality we are looking at another Iraq – relocated to Africa!

I come from Zimbabwe where the president,Robert Gabriel Mugabe has been in power for 31 years; he does not want to relinquish power and he is a tyrant who has bloods on his hands, through events such as the Gukurahundi atrocities, the campaign of violence during the 2008 elections and the ongoing violence occurring in Zimbabwe right now. Zimbabwe has become a country where the life expectancy is only 47 – 47 years of human rights abuses – now how inhumane is that?

Zimbabwe is a resourceful country with many minerals but these are also abused by the powers that be as they line their pockets and Zimbabweans do not benefit from them.


The world continues to watch the troubles occurring in Zimbabwe and not once have they said they would intervene. All they seem to do is publicly condemn the actions of President Mugabe and the voiceless people of Zimbabwe are left to struggle and suffer on their own. Zimbabwe might not have field of oil (from what is openly known) but we have minerals such as (blood) diamonds, platinum, uranium to name a few – are they not as enticing as oil?  Considering recent events in The Democratic Republic of Congo where there was a failed coup attempt in itself  it shows that a large number of people in Africa are tired of their oppressive leaders and are deciding to rise up.

I ask this of these Western Power houses – Are you looking for glory? A defining moment that will cement your names in the history books forever? Personally I would label you as failures! If you can say you brought down a dictator such as Colonel Gaddafi, why are you afraid to bring down the corrupt leader, R.G  Mugabe from Zimbabwe while his people still wallow in the darkness? Have you forgotten usor are we not that important for you to hear us as we do not have mineral value?

It seems that a lot of the trouble in the world would disappear if we were talking to each other rather than each other!

“I learnt that in politics the most important thing in communication is to hear what is not being said and then you get a better idea of what is actually being said!”

Judge for yourself and if at all, believe anything these politicians say. I have been reading some articles and this is what I came acrooss:

Comments From Anonymous said…

Iraq = Oil         Afghanistan = Opium & Natural Gas, with a pipeline to the balkans      Kuwait = Oil           Iran = Oil

All US targets for regime change and resource grabbing.  Where were the British, US, French, Canadians when the Rwandan genocide took place?

Or Darfur, Sierra Leone, Congo. What no OIL? Sorry no help from the UN or NATO?

Their lies run deeper than the oil wells they kill for.