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Concerned Citizen - Ms Angeline Chivunze

Over the years, we have seen the dictators of this world come and go, ploughing down everything that is good for the people on their way to securing their positions. They commit grievous and inhumane acts and murder in the name of peace and the world over still seeks to protect them when the time comes and they are no longer protected by the politics they practice.


 Idi Amin led a very comfortable life after being allowed to settle in Libya and Saudi Arabia with his family despite the huge death toll, inflation rate and national debt he had left back in Uganda. Idi Amin was a military leader and President of Uganda from 1971 to 1979 but his rule, like Mugabe, was characterized by human rights abuse, political repression, ethnic persecution, extrajudicial killings, corruption, and gross economic mismanagement. His life ended in Saudi Arabia on 16 August 2003.

In Egypt, we have President Hosni Mubarak who is now holed up in one of his palaces in the Red Sea after being ousted with orders not to travel. Meanwhile in Libya, Gaddafi’s family is desperately trying to hold on to power while killing, bombing and attacking peaceful protesters. As it is, Gaddafi is likely going to end up in Zimbabwe and if this happens, no doubt he will live like a king while the rest of us continue to struggle.

While in office, political corruption in the Mubarak administration’s Ministry of Interior rose dramatically due to the increased power over the institutional system that is necessary to secure the prolonged presidency. Such corruption led to the imprisonment of political figures and young activists without trial, illegal undocumented hidden detention facilities, and rejecting universities, mosques, newspapers staff members based on political inclination.

President Mugabe has gone into a financial crisis with the worst inflation rate the world has ever seen. He has the people of Zimbabwe’s blood on his hands all so can stay in power? Why is this allowed to happen? Innocent people who are penalised for sharing their opinions are then expected to go to extremes to prove their fears while murderous corrupt leaders can easily seek protection with no questions asked? Their crimes are blatant and yet they are offered protection when they should be made to pay. Is this to say that criminal leaders of this world, that pose as Executive Presidents, are above the law? I will not be surprised to hear that has gone into hiding in Malaysia or China when the worse come to the worst.

In Zimbabwe, MDC protests are being banned. Heavy deployment of police and soldiers saw a planned demonstration fail to take off. Welshman Ncube was refused permission to hold a rally on March 12 but Zanu PF was allowed to hold a rally at the Glamis Arena where President Mugabe launched the party’s anti-sanctions petition.

Zimbabwean police keep a close eye - NO RALLIES!!!

MDC should be extended the same courtesy as that of Zanu PF. If demonstrations and rallies are to be banned, it should be for all parties involved. We are striving for a free and fair election, how can this be so if participating parties are not given the same fundamental rights?

As a result, on the 21st of March 2011, the Zimbabwean community in the UK took to the streets to demonstrate against the deportations and violence that continues in Zimbabwe – for our voices to be heard by the African Union, SADC and the UK government. It is clear that the coalition government in Zimbabwe is not working as political violence keeps escalating. It is time for President Zuma, the African Union and all those involved in the negotiations regarding the Zimbabwean situation to present us with a solution – one that actually works.

My only message to these dictators is that God is for us all. Have they forgotten about their best friend Charles Taylor, the former president of Liberia, where is he now? Yep, you guessed it right – in The Hague awaiting trial of war crimes. He had also varnished into exile in Nigeria but Ellen Johnson Sirleaf, the newly elected President of Liberia, submitted an official request to Nigeria for his extradition….So watch out Mugabe and all the African dictators, you might be the next one!!!