How can Zimbabwe have free and fair elections with Mugabe in charge?


Dhumisani Karakadzai

: By Dhumisani Karakadzai – Human Rights Activist


There has been large concern all over the world over the possibility of Zimbabwe holding its general elections when the transitional government expires this year. These concerns are from worldwide people for Zimbabweans voting under a less than ideal electoral climate.

In recent weeks, Prime Minister Morgan Tsvangirai’s mainstream MDC and President Robert Mugabe’s Zanu (Pf) reinforced signals that the next polls were imminent and both parties are hitting the campaign trail even though the Zimbabwean police have now banned the MDC from holding any rallies or gatherings, according to their representatives. The MDC-T’s ban extends to holding meetings at their offices or homes too. Over the past few weeks police have also increased their clamp-down on civic groups, arresting many activists. Observers say is an attempt by ZANU PF to protect Mugabe from any possible North African style anti-government revolts whilst Mugabe is busy holding party rallies and also trying to get support from every Zimbabwean using brutal force and all his tricks used in 2008 elections.

Reports of turmoil surrounding the drafting of a new constitution, and the messy state of the voters’ roll are the main cause for such worries. How much longer should a wretched and disenfranchised Zimbabwean populace wait? Is the Southern African nation on the threshold of installing its rather elusive new democracy this time around? And still, the iron-fisted battle to torpedo the ongoing constitutional outreach programme by Zanu (PF) radicals and military elements makes for much unease.

Calls for elections to be postponed are not new. Given the 2008 post-election violence and vote rigging from Mugabe, concerns about the dilemma of holding polls in 2011 are certainly justified. But there could be no guarantee that delaying the votes would make Mugabe fully comply with GPA. And so an election this year could as well be a daunting, but better option to undertake. According to reports in Zimbabwe there is a lot of concern about the elections by Zanu (PF) so the government have deployed 80 000 youth military, war veterans and soldiers across the country in an army led drive to ensure victory for President Mugabe in the next elections that looks set to be the bloodiest ever witnessed in Zimbabwe.

According to investigations by Zimonline, including interviews and discussions with cabinet ministers, senior military officers and Zanu PF functionaries revealed that Zimbabwe’s top generals intend to thwart Tsvangirai through violence and terror even some bragging they would topple the prime minister should he somehow emerge the winner of the polls. The Joint Operations Command (JOC) plan to use political violence early before foreign or even local observers gets to the polling stations.

All state editors are going all attack against Prime Minister Morgan Tsvangirai ahead of the elections. Mugabe’ spokesman is using the Zimbabwean editors to continue pouring out propaganda in support of Mugabe saying

Prime Minister Of Zimbabwe- Morgan Tsvangirai

Tsvangirai should never be allowed to rule Zimbabwe as he is a traitor and also being used by Western countries like America and England.


With the above evidence against Mugabe and his regime I do not see how Zimbabwe can have free and fair election as promised by South African president Zuma and even Prime Minister Tsvangirai himself. I have my backing on everyone including analysts who are demanding President Mugabe to push the elections for a much later date unless he sorts out more reforms to guarantee free and fair elections. Also needed are election inspectors from Western countries like America and England to do their job without Mugabe‘s people interfering.

The only way possible for us suffering Zimbabweans to have a free and fair election is if Mugabe himself dies. Even then his parliament, War veterans, youth military followers will still causes commotion and havoc. In my opinion it’s just impossible. My beloved Zimbabwe will never have free and fair elections that we have so craved for a very long time.

By Dhumisani Karakadzai – Human Rights Activist

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