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BY Wesley Ndebele – Political Analyst

Zimbabwe was once a great country which boasted of its tourism, agriculture and mining to mention but a few. Unfortunately all this seems to have flown through the window merely because of the mismanagement by Zanu PF government.

Mugabe has continued to cling on to power forcefully for over 30 years wrecking the country into a landfill of disasters and failures.

Since the Land Reform programme in 2000, tourism in Zimbabwe has steadily declined. After rising during the 1990s, (1.4 million tourists in 1999) industry figures described a 75% fall in visitors to Zimbabwe in 2000.

Thousands of jobs have been lost in the industries due to companies closing down. Garbage collection has ceased to exist in most cities in Zimbabwe. This was previously a service that was provided by the council and instead there is a private commercial firm which can collect your garbage for a fee.

Under the Zanu PF rule, Zimbabwe has managed to achieve the highest world record of hyperinflation. A population of between 4 to 5 million people have been dispersed into the diaspora and most of them are professionals who could be of paramount importance to the country.

Street covered with potholes

The infrastructure has and is continuing to collapse under this government. Power cuts are experienced every day. These cuts happen without any warning inconveniencing the population. As a result of this, most people now own an electric generator.

The government failed to run the public transport which was called ZUPCO and commuters now use what is called “

Emergency Taxis”. Our own national carrier Air Zimbabwe’s ageing fleet has been grounded several times due to mounting debts and constant strikes by pilots and its 1 360-strong workforce.

Water pipes that were regularly replaced have been left to corrode and water runs through. Sanitation is beyond human words and explanation. Burst sewage continues to

Burst Sewage

flow in the high density streets and the stench fills the suburbs. The streets are covered with potholes and one can hardly drive straight. The roads are corroding away and non of them have been repaired for over 10 years. Zanu PF has absolutely no money and resources to provide a good living for the Zimbabweans.

Hospital service is appalling. Patience are asked to buy their own drip feed. Most of the equipment in the hospitals cannot be used anymore because they have either failed to maintain the machines or cannot get service parts.

Once flourishing tobacco farms

The country used to export a lot of tobacco but this is all history now. Zanu PF “smoked out” all the white farmers who farmed most of the tobacco. The land invasions left the majority of “the farmers” without their farms which produced most of the tobacco for export.

Zanu PF has and is doing the best it can to ruin the material basis of the country it governs. Zanu PF under Mugabe is sucking the state dry. Its helping itself to private bank accounts, foreign currency and pension funds.

He, Mugabe continues to run the Treasury and the Reserve Bank as if they are his personal bank accounts. While the ordinary Zimbabweans continue to suffer, he Mugabe and his cronies enjoy the lavish security of paramilitary consisting of soldiers, thugs, the so-called war veterans, ZANU political commissars and the green bombers.

There is also the hit squads and God knows what else . The police are also a nuisance

ZRP Road block

constantly robbing people of their little earnings. Every road block is worth $10. Just because they are not paid enough, they prey on motorist and raise a top up to their wages.

Zanu PF has dismally failed to manage the country of Zimbabwe in all aspects and with such an appalling record of evidence, it is high time for the leader and his cronies to call it a day.