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Ms Angeline Chivunze - HUMAN RIGHTS ACTIVIST

Zimbabwe witnessed a resurgence of politically motivated violence and intimidation after Zanu PF launched its  2011 election campaign across the country code-named “Operation Ngatizivanei”, an operation that requires all eligible voters to be recorded in a Zanu Pf  membership register, – the only way they can steal our votes, monitor and follow-up on its members.

Zanu Pf  has been in power for donkeys years hence they want to start to know their people now, this is a sure sign that they know quite well that their days are numbered.
If this is a genuine move to get to know their people now after a whopping three decades, why did they have to wait for so long and why are people being required to register and become members, what is going to happen to those that are loyal to the MDC or any other opposition party? 
My own concience tells me that this is only  a campaign strategy that they will use in their power to do what everyone knows they can do best – intimidating the people of Zimbabwe and rigging the elections whenever the time comes. The way I see it is that the revolutionary party knows quite well that the people’s trust and confidence in them has long been gone, so the chances of them winning the elections in a free and fair playground are very slim.
According to reports in the Zimbabwe independent, this very operation triggered clashes among the Zanu PF and MDC youths around the country. Trust me, its downhill from here-on in. I am sure that everyone knows  about the political violence that we have witnessed in the past elections since the early 80’s.  Zanu Pf members and supporters are afraid of competition so they resort to violence in the name of protecting the “sovereignty ” of the country instead of blowing the competition out of the water in an honest and fair way. What they will do is to instigate violence which in turn causes fear and thereby leaving people with no freedom of choice and  the reason why I say this is because you can not choose your leaders freely if you know the consequences that may come thereafter.


During the 2008 elections,  no candidate received an outright majority in the first round according to media reports, a second round was held on 27 June 2008 between Tsvangirai and Mugabe but  Tsvangirai withdrew from the second round a week before it was scheduled to take place citing violence against his party’s supporters. The second round went ahead despite widespread condemnation and led to a victory for Mugabe, the results of which were hugely disputed all around the world except by the  Zanu Pf stalwarts.

Mugabe and his Zanu Pf party have lost sight of what is important –  the will of the people. The freedom and democracy that the Zimbabwean people fought for in the liberation war is now a distant memory as we are now being held as prisoners by the very men that led us to victory.

Mr Mugabe, please give us the chance to see a New Zimbabwe and a New Beginning, we want to be the envy of all the African countries that we were, once upon a time.