Human Rights Activist: Abigail C. Zimani

Human Rights Activist: Abigail C. Zimani

A recent document from the Zimbabwe Investment Authority revealed a rather not so surprising fact that there is a massive mineral wealth underneath Zimbabwe ’s soils –Gold, Coal, Platinum and Iron ore, among the others. This is in addition to the now infamous Marange diamonds – which some people now aptly refer to as blood diamonds. While confirmation of these rich mineral deposits would be a cause for jubilation under any normal circumstances, I am finding myself hesitant to share such jubilation given what has turned to be a predictable and acceptable norm in Zimbabwe

 BY ABIGAIL ZIMANI – Human Rights Activist

It is now almost ‘’as sure as night follows day”  that all this mineral wealth will end up in the hands of a few … the very same few who have benefited from farms invasions and looted farm equipment, the few that  can afford to send their children to expensive schools, afford expensive hospital treatments at home and abroad, they drive the latest and safest cars ( the Chiyangwas of this world) and they do not endure the effects of battered roads.  Yes, the same few that do not have to worry or think about where their next meal will come from, the true opposite of the majority of the Zimbabwean children.  

It doesn’t seem to matter any more in Zimbabwe that the cake is becoming bigger for the elite few, because it seems when this happens, those who have had their shares will always  get bigger pieces and leave nothing for the ordinary person. Should we rather have a poor country so that the greedy ones have nothing to fan their gluttony, and what does it take really for someone to stop enjoying themselves while others are suffering?

In my view, it needs completely a new people driven Government for this to happen, a time for a new Zimbabwe and a new Beginning because surely, if this thing called democracy doesn’t come to Zimbabwe as soon as possible, I don’t really know what lies in future for us…. ONLY GOD KNOWS. I do not see myself witnessing the bringing of democracy from Mugabe and his cronies after all the scandals they have presided over … from Gukurahundi to the famous Willowgate scandal, From the Housing scandals,  Oil scandals to all the promising futures they have destroyed in the name of protecting a legacy from an armed struggle which some of them never fought. Mugabe has ruled Zimbabwe since gaining Independence in 1980 to date, more than thirty years in power. This is not fair to be honest.

It’s sad that what should be “sources of prosperity” for Zimbabwe are becoming primary causes of oppression and division. These should be the means to a prosperous end to hunger and poverty including the upgrade of our economic infrastructure for all Zimbabweans but they have become a ready source of cruel means for the people we have trusted with leading our country.  These  people do  not seem to get enough or get tired from plundering. A good number of them have been in government since Independence, and if anything, what they have perfected is the art of stealing the national cake from the view and grip of the ordinary people.

They have even stolen and destroyed our education system, one which was a source of pride for every Zimbabwean. Really, really, it feels so wrong that Zimbabwe is a rich country that is full of the poorest people in the world and the blame lies squarely on the sagging shoulders of Mugabe and his cronies. I can’t wait for the day when all Zimbabweans will be able to enjoy the blessings that nature bestowed upon us. I pray for mother nature to speedily take her course!!!

Abigail Zimani is a Human Rights Activist and a supporter of the Zimbabwe Vigil Coalition. She can be contacted on 07789764421. SHE WRITES FOR allnewsnetwork IN HER OWN RIGHT.