By Tererai Karimakwenda
01 December, 2010

Jabulani Sibanda, the violent ZANU PF thug who is chairman of the National War Vet Association, is reported to be in the Lowveld area, terrorizing innocent villagers and threatening death to anyone who supports the MDC. Our sources said Sibanda has ordered his team to send the names of all known MDC supporters to the war vets office by December 4th, so that his team can ‘shed their blood’.

The atmosphere in the area is said to be very tense and people do not know what to do because the police will not act against ZANU PF. SW Radio Africa is reliably informed that Sibanda has been in the Lowveld for several weeks and has been staying with one of the chiefs in the Jerera, Zaka area. The violent thug is reported to be organizing meetings and forcing villagers to attend so he can announce his ‘rules’ for the coming elections.

Our source said one of these so-called ‘re-education meetings’ took place two weeks ago on a resettled ranch where Sibanda told the villagers to make sure that they have ZANU PF in their heart. He said that goat milk must be
more precious than the blood of a MDC supporter and anyone pointed out by the youth is going to be killed. Sibanda told the villagers that to be saved from what is coming they need to make sure that they have ZANU PF cards.

Political analyst Bekithemba Mhlanga said the threats show the level of desperation that ZANU PF has sunk to. But he warned that in the Zimbabwean context any threats must be taken seriously.

Mhlanga explained that Jabulani Sibanda is the same character who failed to deliver votes for Mugabe in Matabeleland back in 2008, when he used the same violent strategy. “We have seen him move from area to area but remember that
he has left every area discredited,” said Mhlanga.

Using war vets, youth militia, intelligence officials, traditional leaders and the military, ZANU PF hopes to get votes in the rural areas where villagers are isolated. But some observers have said this could backfire and
turn people quietly against ZANU PF. When it comes time to vote they said people will remember what was done to
them and will not reward violence.