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BY DIANA MAHACHI –  Human Rights Activist:
I feel a lingering sense of frustration and fretting when I consider the foggy, wet mornings and cold nights in the UK. Autumn is giving away to winter and I know there are some skiing freaks rubbing their hands with delight in hindsight of the snow. Do not get me wrong, I know I love it but I cannot stand the ripple effects of a blistering blizzard. The consolation that keeps me optimstic and going is that winter will soon be over then  the summer will follow. We embrace the hot temperatures, head for beaches for all the sun basking. Thats completes the earth’s REVOLUTION over a year. Seasons come and go or better still, what goes around comes around.
As 2011 closes in, as Zimbabweans, we find ourselves wallowing in a large and in an uncomfortable position just like the coming of winter. The thought of hosting free and fair elections is something that we believe will free the masses. The surefire is that, we have tried so many times to make it happen. Unfortunaley that has gone gurling down the plughole like the kitchen water that we flush down after washing the dishes. But, because the man at the realm does fetch his drinking water from a different source from the rest of us, he sees life through a different prism. He sees life through  rose tinted glasses and he thinks he is the messiah. Well, I could go on and on forever talking about how bad this really is. Its is a sad situation I find myself and fellow countrymen in. I feel the political weather is not conducive enough to hold free and fair elections, the temperatures are not ambient enough to keep us warm in the cold. Obviously, not surprisingly the elections will be flawed and rigged because we all know what has been going on during the previous elections, even a two year old will be clever enough to narrate the unfairness that goes on during election time.

The man has put it in his own words (mugabe with a small letter) that he is opting out of the unity government. He has done his homework and he knows where he let slip on the previous elections. There is so much at stake and he can not afford to lose once again. Now here stands the billion dollar question which has not been and remains unanswered: can we put ourselves through that pain of being tortured and intimidated again? It was painful for the opposition and ghastly for the nation and for Mr Morgan Tsvangarai, this was equivalent to waterboarding. I know some sceptics tied a sling on  his  neck and wished him dead. Tsvangirai decided to pull out of the Presidential run-off, well, I could have done the same if i was in his shoes. He could not  watch the masses  being slaughtered like lambs for what they believed. It is every citizen’s birth right to cast a vote freely ,but that does not exist in a Zimbabwe. Mugabe does not believe in democracy other than being an autocratic monster. 

The rogue clutches of Mr Mugabe and his spendthrift wife [Grace Marufu Mugabe] has left the country on achilles heel position. We have gone from being a bread basket of  Africa to the basket case of the world. We have become such a poor country that can not sustain its own population. We should be in good stead because we have a rich vein of resourses (Diamonds) which is being enjoyed by the utopia or the “elite Zanu Pf few”. The reason why they loot everything from us is that they claim to have liberated us from settlers…(doh!), of-course they diid such a great job in doing so but it wasn’t them alone, every Zimbabwean played their part in a different way in that war and I tend to differ from the rest by saying that “I dont buy the idea that Zanu pf liberated us and gave us freedom on their own”. So they must stop talking trash. I  thoroughly question what Zanu PF has done for people since 1980 apart from inheriting a robust economic infrastrure that ws left by the Smith Regime and all they did with it was to rob, destroy, destroy and destroy. What is the probality of Zanu pf rebuilding the country? I would bet with a bottom dollar in my  pocket because it is a null hypothesis. If one could ask me what I think about Zanu Pf  and Mugabe, I would put that in a nut shell and give an honest answer, I would say “FLIPPING BONKERS.” because they are just a bunch of self serving freaks who are busy lining their purses  under the falsehood of a government.The onus is to every Zimbabwean to find out how we are going to stop this malady which has crippled the nation.The only way, in my own opinion, is to stand up and fight for our own freedom because the country has collapsed like a badly beaten jellyfish .
The actions of Mr Mugabe makes my skin cringe and my blood to boil with anger. He has an element of recklessness with people’s lives, he does not give a monkeys about our well being at all. He tries to duck and defend the grimness of his dirty  and filthy actions after his “spencer for hires” strangle opponents technically by torture and intimidation. (a Zanu-Pf ideology).
I would like to be able to cast my vote for a good cause in my country but the maniac has declared that those in the diaspora have no right to vote, soo sad. Is tha how he defines democracy? How fitting will it be to taste freedom my fellow comrades, I mean, to feel safe, secure and the feeling of togetherness? How I long to go back to my country of birth where birds sing peaceful songs straight into my ears, I suppose gone are the days. This is not achievable, not until the people’s will has been respected and honoured and this can only be attained through free and  fair elections (a thing of the past).
There is a need to restore and foster human rights which have been depleted to non existence. This is a challenge which lies ahead of us and generations to come and I believe revolution is  something which should not be co-signed with violence. It is something which has to be done in an amicable peaceful manner. Some talk of reconciliation and moving on but how can we move on when no-one has been held accountable for all these horrible human  rights abuses? You can only offer an olive branch when one asks for it and I find it hard to forgive Mugabe and his cronies after they have caused so much pain and nightmare to the nation. Zimbabweans are now dispersed all over the World and they have missed  and lost those they loved and cared about, They still believe of bridging the gaps when all this  madness from the maniacs has subsided. Oh, what a hopeful type of people. I honestly believe we need new fresh blood to steer the country to recovery because Mugabe has gone past his sale by date.
Enough is enough. Like I have said before, Seasons come and go so WHY CAN’T MUGABE DO THE SAME? In Shona we say “Hushe Madzoro.”  Oh dear Lord, for Heaven’s sake, we can’t take this anymore.

For those who have toiled and laboured for a better change, all I can say is Please do not lose hope because Hope is a poor man’s breakfast. Without it, life is not worth living. The struggle is won by those who are patient and resilient. I urge you all

to  not waste our energy and resources by hosting elections without international election observers .There is no point of putting ourselves through
paces just to tick the boxes. The nation is so traumatised by the prior elections and we know that these barbarians will do it again to hang on to power. Whether by hook and crook it does not matter to them. Pilferage of state funds + empty promises + rule by fear and torture/oppression = Mugabe +Zanu pf.
My fellow Zimbabweans, Let’s join hands to fight despotism together because our lives begin to end the day we become silent about things that matter!!!  Well, I did not say it but Martin Luther King Junior said it and he wasn’t wrong either.

Diana Mahachi is a prominent Human Rights Activist who is always striving to fight against the gross Human Rights Violations in Zimbabwe. She can be contacted on 07944045616