By Augustine Makora  

   There is old English saying that says “When you marry you become one.” And I am convinced that On 11 February 2009, we all witnessed the marriage of convenience that is proving the fact to be right. Do you still remember the formation of the Unity Government in Zimbabwe? This was a memorable day to me and possibly every Zimbabwean concerned, for it made great changes and implications to the whole wide world, what a Historic moment even though it never made any sense to me and I did not understand the motives.

The three main political actors, namely the Zanu Pf, MDC-T and MDC -M united with an objective to end the political violence which had swept across the country. That was stop gap measure to stabilize the unrest which had rattled the people and brought the country to its nadir. Overally, this marriage has miraculously brought some “noticiable change”, notably (i) Inflation reduction (ii) Commodities are now readily available in the shops (but who can afford?) and ….Uuhh,  Is there anything else?  I doubt it.

When the coalition government was formed, we all embraced the idea hoping it was a panacea to our social and economic problems but we have been proved wrong. We under estimated the gravity of the situation hence the three parties went along to marry, seemingly knowing the constraints of the coalition government.

Anyway, all I know is that Love is for two, three makes a love triangle and then the marriage lacks legitimacy. Have you ever questioned why these parties married, who were they saving, was it all about self-gain? If the main reason for the marriage was the concern of Zimbabweans at large, they could have done a good thing if they had consulted and liaised with the masse, at least to know our interests and our concerns.

I am thoroughly convinced we all knew what was ahead of us or we all knew what was coming for the African politics is so typically predictable. There was and still, there is so much work that needs to be done for the unity government to gel. This unity government robbed us the mere chance to taste a very good change that is long overdue. Could things have panned out differently, we could have been the happiest nation but sadly the unity government has failed to deliver, not even a snippet of its promises are being followed and we all know who the heck is not willing to co-operate.

The euphoria that greeted the formation of the unity government has enormously subsided and there is empirical evidence to support that. The relentless talks, so much bickering and blackmailing by scratching and biting, there is a clash of egos, I can go on and on but the list is endless.

The flip side of the coin, I rue the ideology of the three kings trying to mount the same horse at one go. The probability is that they all want to jostle to be the first and do each other out because everyone will be trying to please the people. I will forever condemn the unity government, The Kenyans have tried it and it failed and now let us wait and see if it works in England… ha ha ha, I can’t stop laughing my lungs out about this one.

All in all, these so called Unity Governments or Coalition governments (just to make it sound a little bit better), will not work, I mean, how can you have two or three bulls in the same kraal? I think it is now time to go back to the drawing board and to start thinking outside of the box to salvage the nation from the rogue clutches.  Zanu Pf is not a party used to obeying rules; they make and pass them.
The MDC-T compromised a lot with the hope that they could work with Zanu pf but this has failed. Thank you Mr. Morgan Richard Tsvangirai for all the effort and may God’s spirits be upon you but I urge you to try something different now for we cannot go on and on with those endless talks, It has been two years now. I am sure I am not the only one who is sick and tired of all this complete nonsense.
Just to sum things up, we are the victims of this frail, arranged shame marriage. We are the ones that are suffering from physical and mental pain of this matrimony which I believe has ran its course. Two suns cannot shine on one sphere; you cannot yoke a cat and mouse on a chariot.
The unity government is a red herring that is meant to deny and delay freedom. It enhances pilferage under the guise of a legit government. It further goes on to confuse the people. To those that are thinking of wedding bells, here is my piece of advice: “DO NOT MARRY IN HASTE, Keep your eyes open before you get married.”

I am not a partisan but a good citizen concerned about the future of my country. History will be made on this Unity Government for all the wrong reasons. The mistakes that were made and the ones that are still being made will be remembered and venerated long into the future generations.  I hope the failure of our unity government becomes a yard stick measure to other nations and politicians to come.

Long may live the true love of my country,  I am the concerned Zimbabwean!

Augustine N Makora is a prominent Human Rights activist who is always striving to fight against the gross Human Rights Violations in Zimbabwe. He can be contaced at