Even though Arsenal can have no complaints about conceding in the last minute against Sunderland, the fact that nobody knew how many additional minutes or seconds after the allocated four injury time minutes would be added meant that Arsenal can certainly feel aggrieved that there is no certainty surrounding this element of the game. In the USA, clubs can play safe in the knowledge of how much time has elapsed, solving the problem of time wasting and confusion over added time. No one wants to see the Betfair Football odds upset because of a mistake.

Furthermore, they are also allowed to watch videos of the action during the game, and are also then able to challenge the decisions of officials, something that in the Manchester United game may well have seen John O’Shea sent off instead of just receiving a caution. When decisions are considered harsh or abrupt, such as the sending off of Gary Cahill against Arsenal, managers would be able to refer the decision to the referee or even to a centrally appointed referee chief, who is able to analyse the judgement of the match referee in light of the law and apply the correct decision.

Although this may seem extreme, it is something that would be able to show that the Premier League is a fair sport in which no team can be accused of receiving bias, as well as showing that the sport is run by referees who can command respect simply because their judgement can be questioned, leaving them able to admit they made mistakes (and likewise managers able to admit they got calls wrong), meaning that a level of respect can be developed between fans, managers, players and referees.

Meanwhile, many people still Aston Villa betting tips for fourth despite a turbulent start to the season.

The side will be looking to push on under their new manager Gerard Houllier.