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Josephine Gande - Political Correspondent

It is politically incorrect to say Zimbabweans have ever tasted a dollop of freedom after the formation of the unity government. Every political fabric has been cut and made to fit Zanu PF’s demands and our main problem is the fear of provoking the litigation of the regime that is always ready to pounce on its prey.


Fear has a voice and a quick ear; it has neutered and reduced us to impersonal robots. We have retreated behind batteries of “yes” man who go along with every word and deed to applaud loudly on cue and never challenge or contradict with the regime. Mugabe is an autocratic monster, treating the country as his personal fiefdom and caring less for people. He is running the county by feel and touch. There are some searing lessons to be learnt. Do you remember the days when a police officer or army officer could just come and confront you for no apparent reason? Needless to say that you could not have committed any crime, that was the wrath of fear he has installed among us .That’s why  today we are such a placid society, who can not stand up for our own good.

Sadly we have these bureaucratic pen pushers, the so-called magistrates and judges who have managed to let the regime get away with murder for so long. Zanu Pf technocrats are the untouchables as far as the law is concerned Karl Marx once said history has a tendency to repeat itself, the man wasn’t dreaming. Do you remember the early 1980s when the Zanu PF embarked on a mass killing orgy. That was the time we should have acted but simply because we were hungry and thirsty for a black government, we buried our heads in the sand, convinced ourselves that Mugabe was the right man to lead us into the future. Was that changing a good one or a good recipe to a bedlam? Thirty years later, the man did not prove us wrong, the killings started again. He is a brass neck

Dictatorship has a sting in its tail, today we speak in whispers and murmurs. We all know what the man can do to those who don’t gel with his ethos. I strongly believe that he knows that once he starts tormenting and torturing us, we will back down. That is a weakness we need to get rid of. It is wise to worry about a fearful end than fear without an end. Let every peddler carry his own burden. It is our mere onus as a nation to redeem ourselves. Forget the USA, Britain or UN; these blocs will only come in when they see that we have taken the initiative.

I have been told that strength grows stronger by being tried. It never ceases to amaze me why we have not come out of these tribulations and tries stronger. We are still weak and frail. Don’t we have that drive within ourselves to say enough is enough?

Skeptics point the blame to the MDC. Who or what is MDC? Is it not you and me when we join hands together to fight the oppressive regime? I    am strongly convinced that we “the MDC” have done incredibly well, we have surpassed expectations. I never dreamed that there will be an opposition party that will challenge Zanu PF in a way that we did unlike all the other parties that were there before us. Had justice been restored and fostered, we, the MDC should have been in total control of the country and not these Zanoids that took control by “not the will of the people.”

My fellow comrades lets embark on this crusade, preach the gospel of FREEDOM. Its is of supreme importance that we free ourselves from fear .Lets egg each other on this march for a change. Fear has no room in a heart of a trooper


Josephine Gande is our Political Correspondent who writes in her own right.