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Diana Mahachi - Human Rights Activist


Some say much travelling is needed to ripen a man’s rawness or cultivate his /her behaviour.  My youth had taught me a lot of things in Zimbabwe but then my transition into adulthood made me a better person. I became fully aware of desires and demands of life if I was to make it to be someone who is respected by the society. I have always thrived to be that person who always does good unto others because that’s how I like to be treated as well, (do unto others what you would like them do unto you).

However, when I moved to United Kingdom, I have faced a lot of challenges. I have had to fight internal battles to maintain my good image (which I have always had) despite all the challenges of cultural differences I have encountered. Anyway, the list is endless but I can confirm from  the sources of  my  family and friends that I have not  changed in a bad way at all. The only change which I have noticed is that I have fallen in  love with how  the Western politics is manned. There is so much transparency and openness when things are being executed. This has broadened my level of understandings of  politics and I would like to see our  African leaders adopt this democratic system, (my wishful thinking I guess.)

Since 1980, our president has travelled across the globe. He had the privilege to learn and master the dynamics of western politics. I believe somehow along the years there must be certain things which he feels he should have adopted but because of   his sheer arrogance and rudeness, the man has not leant a single thing. I think this draws us back to his links with North Korea, another place that is awash and laced with dictatorship.

The man on the realm has no ear to listen to anyone, he is the one who barks the orders and he expects them to be followed without criticism. I have always believed a good president is for the people and is formed by the people then the rest will follow. I guess he has been in the office for too long and now he has forgotten the vows he made that he will save the nation in peace and harmony. I hope he still remembers all his speeches in the early 1980s when he said it was time for reconciliation and that there was no room for racism in Zimbabwe. He wanted a united Zimbabwe where we were all promised to live together as one regardless of colour and creed. What happened to those promises? I guess promises are made to be broken.  End of the day all politicians talk hot air when they have hidden agendas.

Well sometimes it is good to weigh things on a balance to look for an even kill. The onset of his regime was sound based on the facts that we were promised the opportunity to get free health and education. Those two are the main fundamentals of a human life but something which I never understood and still don’t understand was the killing orgy which swept through Matabeleland. This operation was codenamed GUKURAHUNDI a term that is now being used thirty years later by his long-time ally Gaddafi who is also saying that he is going to cleanse the nation; hence Mugabe said it was an exercise to cleanse the nation.

How do you justify the killing of innocent victims especially when women and kids were being slaughtered by the FIFTH Brigade? Perence Shiri being the man in charge of such colossal killings, how do they sleep at night? I am sure Mugabe lives to regret that event because it tarnished his image within the country so as to the outside world. This is why the man is not ready to step down for he knows what’s waiting for him as soon a leaves the office. Well, let bygones be bygones and let us move. The success of the nation blindfolded on us and we let Mugabe get away with a crime of such high magnitude.

The Fifth Brigade

Our patience has been stretched to the limit. We have been tethered by this regime for too long. In 2008, we decided to put things in order by way of showing our dislike of the regime through the ballot. The dates were set but the campaigns were marred with violence, nevertheless, we were determined for the final push. We voted for a big change (MDC –T) according to statics of the findings. The MDC –T won the elections by a huge margin if not a white wash and back to his old dirty tricks, he waged a war against the opposition party members. Force was used by the regime to cling on to power. We have witnessed the killings from every corner of the country and as a way of stopping the killings, the opposition party was forced into submission and the later on they agreed to join the unity government.

I truly believe that had Mugabe honoured our guest and resigned, we could have forgiven him. We could have respected him for taking note that we wanted him out of office but this old fool did not see it that way. He still thinks the sun rises and sets on his backside of which it does not anymore. Time has come to face the jackal [Mugabe] and the jezebel [Grace] since this is not the time to be crying for the UN to solve our problems, we have tried it before and it didn’t work. It is time to stand up and be counted as fearless troopers. If not, Mugabe will ride us until our backs turn sore with bruises and splinters .Who could have thought MUBARAK OR Gaddafi will be ousted. Not in a million years have I ever imagined it. It only takes courage and sacrifice to make such things happen. YES TOGETHER WE CAN DO THIS.

Mugabe appears to be on paper but to me he appears to be the dumbest fool I have ever known. He is digging himself deep in the mud by his stupid arrogance and his stop gap measure has failed to bribe the nation. We can all see that he is now a desperate man. Well, now listen to this little big word of advice “STOP killing people especially those fighting for their human rights, the Geneva Convention says it so loud and clear”. Zimbabwe belongs to us all.


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