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By Wesley Ndebele- Political Analyst

The president confidently told the Zimbabwean media that he would once again stand in the presidential elections as long as his party asked him to.

This is a worrying statement to the Zimbabweans who want him out. It is mind boggling for one to fully fathom how Zanu PF continue to elect him. The big picture to the whole world is that no one else can be the party leader except Mugabe. So the point is, if he dies, he will go with the party and that is welcoming news to the Zimbabweans. Zanu PF should not even be allowed to emerge again because its like a contagious cancer that no one wants to hear about or be near to.

The speculation is that he might just be trying see how the opposition are going to react. On the other hand they might be thinking they have enough converts that will vote for them.

To call for elections when the inclusive government is yet to fully meet the target areas in terms of normalising the situation of holding credible, free and fair elections is very much disturbing. The For instance, Article 7 of the GPA is still to take off at national level and our media, especially the electronic, is still heavily politicised. It unquestionably favours Zanu PF.

Zanu PF heavy weights continue to support and elect him because they are the only ones benefiting from the corruption that runs in the ”Zanu PF family. They elect him simply out of fear. Fear that it could be the end of any one of them who raises up a big mouth against him. Most of his henchman have illegally acquired wealth, they would rather use him as a shield to protect all that they have acquired through the years.

What Zimbabwe needs is a party that looks at the needs of the country at large and not the wants of the minority thugs. Zimbabwe does not deserve a life president. Zimbabwe is full of capable people who are just waiting for the opportunity to turn the tables round. The longer a president stays in office the more he looses direction. This we have seen in some of the worst decisions he has made -tearing Zimbabwe apart. A land that once was the bread basket of Africa.

Having lost free and fair elections in 2008, shows he is unfit and unlikely to win any elections under the Zimbabwean sun. Zanu PF has lost so much support that It was reported that they started printing 1.5 million cards which will be forced on people to buy. This is one of Zanu PF’s tricks which they have used in the past and will undoubtedly use it again to gain votes.

One thing for sure is that these elections don’t come cheap. They will cost people’s lives as in the past. People threatened to have their houses burnt or even killed. Others ferried by buses to campaigns at football grounds thereby giving a false impression to the world that Zanu PF is still popular and the most liked party in the country.

For anyone willing to be used by Zanu PF, please wake up and do a reality check and you will realise that Zanu PF has failed and failed again and again.