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Coming to the dilemmas  the oppressed victims face, those that are nearly choking, suffocate with abuse of their human rights by the tyrannical regimes. Their existence has nearly been totally eroded and their needs have been massively ignored .

Then when I wake up every morning , I am met with this feeling of  hate towards Mugabe. Don’t even ask me why because I feel that he is fully responsible for what every Zimbabwean is going through in their lives. For instance the life span of nearly all the Zimbabweans has gone down to thirty- four to thirty- five years due to the poor health conditions in a country  that was once the Jewel of Africa.

We have dispersed all over the globe  and some family ties have been compromised. I take stock of my trials and tribulations as I journey along with my friends and activists alike at the Zimbabwe Vigil every Saturday from 1400hrs to 1800hrs. Some of the stories I have heard from these colleagues are so traumatising. Some of  them are homeless and they live on bread crumbs, some are so lonely and so distressed, you can see it through their eyes even though they try to give that little “Chinese smile and laughter” and this makes me become  more hungrier for the taste of justice and for the world of truth.

People have been killed by the regime in Zimbabwe and we have always kept our mouths shut. Even though everyone knows fully well that all that we have seen and heard are merely Mugabe’s acts which have created so much pain and suffering to the people of Zimbabwe.

This is the reason why I keep fighting for the redemption of our fundamental Human Rights day in day out and I worry a lot about the future of the generation to come if we don’t act now, most of them have not been to school since they were born and how are they going to be tomorrow’s leaders without any education or knowledge? Someone told me that you are only as good as dead if you have no knowledge or education in your life, that person was not wrong either.

 Most of the children in Zimbabwe have no parents and are now living in the streets after their parents were displaced or killed during the operation code-named “Drive out trash” also known as Murambatsvina.  Come on guys, what kind of a father or leader calls his own children “TRASH?” This is mind-boggling and upsetting if I have to be honest.

I cried myself to sleep the other day when I watched a program on channel Four about “The Forgotten Children of Zimbabwe.”  Oh boy, that was too extreme and I had never imagined how bad things had gone in Zimbabwe. During the days when I was a school kid, things were good and my parents were not that rich but they managed to give me everything I ever needed and I equipped myself with some good education.  Unfortunately enough, I am not able to use my qualifications because of the political events that forced me to leave the country and now I am stuck in the diaspora where the tables have turned against me.

 Only the elite few and only the ones that are well connected or linked to Zanu Pf can afford to provide their families with some good education these days. In any part of the world, it is every child’s right to have access to education and not in Zimbabwe where  securo-crats  have embezzled state funds for their own personal use.

 I remember the time when I was watching the news when there was an outbreak of cholera in Zimbabwe, so sad isn’t it but the funny part is that comrade Mugabe appeared on the telly saying that it was a biological war that was being waged by the Western world…….what a joke! This tells you exactly what kind of leaders we breed in Africa, the arrogant type.

 Hey, I guess it is time to release ourselves from the clutches of oppression and this a time to show the door to the ageing dictator but what can we do that we have never done before to make this happen? Maybe we can learn a few tricks from the Northern part of Africa, they have done a very good job ousting another octogenarian leader Hosni Mubarak. I personally can not wait for that day to come.

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Diana Mahachi is a prominent Human Rights Activist who is always striving to fight against the gross Human Rights Violations in Zimbabwe. She can be contacted on 07944045616