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I remember when I was still a young girl, we were playing around and someone asked about what we would want to be when we were fully grown ups. Some of my friends started saying that they wanted to be nurses and bank tellers and good housewives and the like. I had a different dream and a different perception of what I wanted to do or who I wanted to be, I wanted to be just like my hero back then, the man who became the most loved and appreciated world icon and the man that was respected by many the world over.

That was before he fell from his hero status to a zero.Nomatter how much my friends told me that it was next to impossible to be the president of the Republic of Zimbabwe, I never cared because I had a dream, to be like my then role-model. I know for one, that I wasn’t the only one who wanted to be like him, and we all had our reasons to justify our love for this most hated man in the world these days.

This was the man who advocated and made sure that there was education for all by making sure that schools were built-in all residential areas and villages. For those who were to pay school fees, he made sure that it was very affordable to do so. This was the man who made sure that the Ministry of Education Sports and Culture would provide text books and exercise books to reduce the burden on the parents both in the cities and communal areas. Through his policies, this was the man who saw the literacy levels of Zimbabweans rising at a very fast rate. This was the same man who made the Zimbabwean education arguably the best in the whole of Africa which saw the influx of students from Southern Africa to acquire their education in Zimbabwe. I believe in all our eyes we had found a saviour, that is why I know I am not the only one who wanted to be like him.


After having won the liberation struggle, this was the man who preached for national reconciliation and he told the nation of Zimbabwe to look past the colour of the skin, but to look at the inner-being. This was the man who signed the constitution that gave people the freedom to choose a religion, freedom of speech and the freedom to affiliate to any political party and he allowed Non-Governmental Organisations to operate in Zimbabwe to help the poor and the less priviledged, a move that saw him being  praised by many the world over.  Honestly, I am definately so sure that I am not the only one who wanted to be just like him.

Those who decided to invest in Zimbabwe knew it was a ”good-wise decision”  and the best country to invest in.  A good environment was created for foreign businesses to operate profitably which would in turn help the Zimbabweans at large. This saw firms from all over the world coming to invest in Zimbabwe. Because of  his then good leadership qualities and skills, this man saw the exports from Zimbabwe rising and Zimbabwean cash-crop (tobacco) was wanted in most of the markets worldwide. Because of what he was achieving this man had no problems of getting loans from the World Bank and the IMF (International Monetary Fund). With the proper use of these loans, this man stirred Zimbabwe to being the ”food-basket” of Southern Africa. After having led the country in such an exemplary way, this was the man whom the Queen of England honoured with a Knighthood title. I am so positive that I am not the only one who wanted to be like him.

Whoever said ”power corrupts” knew what he was talking about. Instead of letting go when the time came, this man is still holding onto power even though the masses of Zimbabwe don’t  want him there. With his Zanu PF ministers, this is the man who is currently stealing and externalising foreign currency and now guess what, because of the mis-use of public funds, the IMF and the World Bank are no longer giving loans to the country of Zimbabwe and the have also closed all lines of credit in every way possible. With the little that we now have, this is the man who is now failing to prioritise about what is important and what is not.

Rather than raising money to mend the roads that are now full of potholes (or dish-holes so to say) and  many other social amenities, this man saw it important to have a birthday bash costing US $330 000 this year in February 2010. By Zimbabwean standards, that money would have gone a long way to help people who are suffering. This is pure greed and I HATE TO THINK THAT I ONCE WANTED TO BE LIKE THIS MAN

He was once our beloved leader, now in our eyes, I hate to say that he has become an arrogant ruthless tyrant. Under his government, all civil servants are now being paid peanuts, when him and his ministers are living the lives of fairy-tale kings and queens. The health sector has seen the exodus of nurses and doctors – no wonder why him and his ZANU PF friends go and seek for medical treatment abroad. The educational system that we were once proud of has collapsed and in his head, he does not even careless. Anyway why should he?  He has got all the resources to send his children to China for their education and  he does not even care how much the ordinary man in the street is struggling today. I HATE TO THINK THAT I ONCE WANTED TO BE LIKE HIM.

This is the man who drove the white farmers out of their farms and gave the land to his so-called supporters to gunner for support during the 2002 presidential elections. People were killed, tortured, beaten and people’s houses were destroyed. Mr Mugabe, I thought you were the one who told us to look past the colour difference and you told us that we had the right to choose whoever we wanted to lead us, so why are you making the lives of those who do not support you and your ZANU PF a living hell?

It has become “the norm” of Zanu-Pf  to torture and kill members of opposition parties and those who stand for the protection human rights. I thought you were the one who said all Zimbabweans had a freedom to affiliate to any political party back in the 80s. Mr Mugabe, are you not the one who said we as Zimbabweans had the freedom of speech? People in Zimbabwe may have the freedom of speech but will they have freedom after the speech?


Zanu-Pf and the Youth Militia beat up people who praised Prime Minister Morgan Tsvangirai and they disrespected him by beating him up when he was going for a peaceful march and also beat up people who said anything negative about R.G Mugabe.  It seems Mr Mugabe is now taking the rights of the Zimbabwean people away from them. HAD I KNOWN THAT MY HERO WOULD TURN OUT TO BE THE MAN HE IS  TODAY, I WOULD NOT HAVE WANTED TO BE LIKE HIM.

I hate the feeling that I wanted to be like you at one point in time. Now that your true colours are in the open, everyone knows that you are a tyrant and no sane person wants to be associated with you. Even the Queen of England denounced your Knighthood. Have you ever wondered why?

Mr Mugabe, I definately don’t want to be like u, and I know I am not the only one.