On the 20th of February, 2010 a momentous event in the history of the MDC was held in the UK. This was the day that the UK External Assembly held its memorial service for the late Hon. John Nyamande MP, who was killed in a mysterious car accident on the early hours of the 7th of November 2009


    By Ben Ncube (MDC Grays  Branch Chairperson)________________________________________

The event, hosted by the Nyamande family in conjunction with the MDC Grays Branch was partly funded by the MDC External Assembly.

Interviewed on the day, Mr Ben Ncube, the Chairperson of Grays Branch said “I would like to take this opportunity to express my heartfelt gratitude not only to the members of my branch, but to all members of the UK External Assembly who attended the event.”

A special thanks goes to the Organising secretary of Grays Branch, Mr. Lovemore Mukeyani and his wife Siqobile Lupahla, the Women’s Vice Chairperson for the branch, the acting Secretary, Mrs Rhoda Msipa, our Deputy Chairperson Ms Maria Semu, the Youth Chairperson, Ms Ella Svosve and last but not least, Mrs Gladys Ncube who was the Chairperson of the catering committe, for all the hard work that they put into the occasion”

The day was made even more successful by the attendance of   Mr J. Chaora, Mr Mathew Nyashanu and Ms Jennifer Moyo. The importance of the event and the appreciation of Mr Nyamande’s contribution to the party was epitomised by the attendance of the Mr Jaison Matewu who made the journey in spite of his wife being unwell.

Many people from all over the UK sacrificed their time, not only to attend the event but to help in making it a success. The Basildon Branch attended in full force and provided security and these “Spencer for Hires” were  Toots Dube, Onias Hlomuka, Pahlani Nyathi and Evans Chinyamakobvu and not forgetting  MR. Mandla Nyathi  for  running errands throughout the day. The Mudzengi’s were to be found everywhere despite having their young kids to monitor.

It must be pointed out that this event was non-political, even though the MDC was co hosting it. It was a Nyamande family function to which the MDC had been invited as the family recognised the ties that John had with the Party, especially his beloved Grays Branch. A few rogue elements within the ranks of the MDC attempted to throw a spanner in the preparations of the event. However, due to the sense of unity prevailing in the Province their efforts came to nought.

There were so many who wished to express their testimonies to the life of the late Hon. Nyamande that the programme ran behind schedule. However, some senior members opted to forego their speeches in the name of timekeeping. Of note was Ms Jennifer Moyo, Mr Matewu and the Grays Chairman, Mr Ben Ncube. In view of how closely these cadres worked with the late Nyamande, it has been decided to post their testimonies on this site as a special event.

The Nyamande family and the MDC Grays Branch have expressed their appreciation for the solidarity and love shown by those who attended the event  and helped to make it the huge success that it was.

There were some unsung heroes who worked behind the scenes to ensure everything ran smoothly.    Mr T. Muzvondiwa of TMB Associates donated a large amount of refreshments as well as the use of his truck to ferry food and other equipment. All in all, the day was a resounding success and proof of the unity and maturity that exists among Zimbabweans. The late Mr Nyamande would have been looking on from above with pride at the good example that he helped instil in those whose lives he had touched.