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For how long should we watch and stand aside when our hearts are aching. We can’t keep saying things will soon come to an end or will change. For some of us a decade and a whole generation has passed by and those were our prime years, I could have done something with my life in my own country but instead, I had to


flea due to fear of  being prosecuted by the evil regime. Like they say “procrastination is the thief of time.”          

Over the years, Zanu PF has robbed left,  centre and right.  They have milked our beloved and once beautiful country to its knees and pulled its ladders down to the ground. Our future is now bleak, our dreams have been shattered. For our own safety, the best way was to leave the country. A lost generation now lives in the diaspora, their expertise has been compromised which has impeded the development of the nation we once loved dearly.

For how long dear brothers and sisters are we going to stand aside, who is going to take that initiative if we all say time will tell? It  is time to step up to the plate and face the music, take the bull by its horns and wrestle it to the ground. I personally don’t believe in recycling, some things are not worth a penny to recycle,  Zanu PF is washed up now, it’s an institute of utter madness, barbarism and the worst camp of human rights violations.

My question still stands “for how long should we let them abuse us, who gives them the authority to say they went to war and they should run this country? What they seem to forget is the fact that everyone was involved in the Liberation struggle including young boys and girls. In 1980 there were elections, no one said “we went to war so we should run the country.”  The people’s will was respected that’s why we managed to change the government not this power sharing and inclusive government nonsense that we have in place today.

For how long should we stand aside, how many ministers have died through these state-authored accidents, how come it doesn’t happen at the very top? It only happens to the minors who try to raise their voices to save Zimbabwe and for Mugabe to go.

For how long should the law and order let us down? People are being raped, assaulted and even being murdered and no one is being held accountable. What sort of (a) state is that? Maybe I am beginning to sound like a broken record but even Tshaka Zulu had a court of law, where rules were to be obeyed regardless of who you were. Police stations in Zimbabwe have now become torture camps or institutes of bribery and rape.

Zimbabwe will always be in my heart because that is my place of birth and where I belong, it is the place that made me who I am today. I must have a past to have a future. But for how long should I live in the diaspora where I am treated like an alien. I long the times when I was young and at school with freedom, friends and family. I left all that behind for the quest of  a right to live. All the suffering we have endured for so long was and is being caused by Zanu PF. They have abused their power, ruled by fear and intimidation, they misused our  resources for their selfish serving agendas. We are the ones that are going to pick up the pieces, we are living on the residues of the food they eat, they have taken all the cream from the crop for their own good.

“There is freedom of speech but is there  freedom after the  speech”

For how long should the supposed institutes that are supposed to protect the people keep on killing us. The military recruiting thugs,   the militias,  are they not supposed to be protecting us as a nation? With Zimbabwe Republic Police (ZRP),  it is a crime to report a crime against their own wrong actions, security services are the ears and eyes of the state that stop us from exercising our freedom of speech.  So you always have to be careful because you do not know who is listening or watching. A friend once joked that there is freedom of speech in Zimbabwe but there is no freedom after the speech.

For how long should we live in fear, how long is it going to be before we welcome the results of freedom? If it was rain, our feet and legs would have given way underneath us. Zanu PF is a long complex nasty piece of work with so much bad deeds of serious concern.

For how long are we going to seek help from SADC, yet we know they are Mugabe’s allies, they are all birds of the same feather that flocks together. For how long shall we wait for the United Nations to stamp their authority on the human rights violations in Zimbabwe? Are they waiting for another genocide like what happened in Rwanda and Matabeleland,  Is it a matter of having oil?


What is the difference between Mugabe and Saddam Hussein? Saddam was toppled but Mugabe is still a free man with yet another free pass with a shambles of  an inclusive government.

Does the word freedom only exist in the Western society or just a word to protect the rich and powerful whenever it suits them and want to humiliate the week and powerless. For how long should we suffer fellow brothers and sisters, have we not suffered enough yet?

Let us all join hands and fight off Human Rights abuses in our own country and maybe we will send Mugabe into retirement.