Morgan Tsvangirai took his first steps as the co-leader of the country’s government on Wednesday, with a rousing and determined speech at the Glamis Arena in Harare – a speech that made much needed promises in a country ravaged by almost 29 years of misrule.

The newly inaugurated Prime Minister prioritised national healing, ending the humanitarian crisis and stabilising the economy in order to rebuild the country – ambitious promises that have highlighted the challenges facing the new government that still has Robert Mugabe at its helm. The cheers that greeted the Prime Minister’s speech, as he listed what are direct failings of the Mugabe regime, also served as an indictment of the dictator’s iron fisted rule of the country. Tsvangirai also repeatedly referred to the new government as a ‘transitional’ government, a sign perhaps that the Prime Minister has a plan to implement real, welcome change. But with Tsvangirai set to share power with Mugabe in the new unity government mandated by SADC, questions are being raised over whether such ‘unity’ can in fact be achieved.