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ImageJust a few days back from now, in the month of September 2008, we witnessed the signing of a compromise drafted by Zanu PF and the MDC that was mediated by the South African President Thabo Mbeki, the draft that is going to be the pre-requiste of forming the Government of National Unity ealy next year which is meant to solve the political, social and economic problems that had left the country on a chilles heel, this just feels like DEJAVU because we have been there before.

By: Chris Madondo – Human Rights activist

In the past we have tried to solve our problems in a very diplomatic way. That was through the ballot box and dialogues and we have also tried to unite nationally in the late 80’s when Zanu joined hands with Zapu after a gruelling 20 000 innocent people were murdered in Matebeleland and we left no stone unturned in trying to make it happen peacefully. It has proved to be a huge mammal task which we have massively failed to execute.

Time has come to rise and seize the opportunity that has presented itself to us. We have been  isolated and neglected for quite a long time now and we have cried out loud but no one has listened. The moment has come that the world is looking and watching what is happening around as far as politics and gross human rights violations are concerned. The time to act is now or never again will we have the chance to act and free ourselves from our oppressors. Let us RISE UP Zimbabweans because our country needs us.

Of – course the Government may try to intimidate us or they have already done so anyway), the army may use physical force (they have already done so remember all the previous elections?) Of – course I know that some us will die but are we not already dying through torture and poverty? Let US  not be scared ladies and gentlemen because even if we retreat or surrender, the dictator will still enjoy oppressing us through imposing draconian laws like AIPPA and POSA. We gave them enough time to play around with our lives, this is now our time to say ENOUGH IS ENOUGH.

Without our freedom we are nothing and we are just as good as dead people. Let us all remember that the best things in life are hard to come by. If we want change, we have to fight for it because no one else will fight for us if we don’t. Yes there will be some very strong resistance from the oppressors but this is not a time to be docile and Imagediplomatic, this will not bring us the freedom that we have longed for for a very long time. We tried to use some “quite diplomacy” before but that did not work and what we have now is exactly what we had before, another poxy marriage of inconvenience. 

Let us not all give in to bullying and intimidation for fear will shackle us into poverty. I am now begging  you all comrades to take a huge stride and stance  towards liberation. It might be painful to go through  what  other nations have done  to oust the iron feasted rule but I am sure you all agree with me.

IT WILL BE WORTH THE PAIN  trust me and remember that our future lies in our hands. We have been denied and robbed of our freedom for a long time now my fellow comrades. To this day and age, we cannot allow such gross human rights violations to live forever. Possibilities are infinite so let’s strike our chance now, there might be some pain but we will forget all about it when gain is knocking on the door.  

I am desperately urging the army, police and security agents to show a bit of professionalism by fighting our cause peacefully and to be just, neutral and diplomatic. The army is there to save the nation not turn against us. May I also warn you that those who deny freedom to others deserve it not for themselves.

Martin Luther King Junior once said that “Change does not roll in on the wheels of inevitability, but comes through continuous struggle. And so we must straighten our backs and work for our freedom. A man can’t ride you unless your back is bent.”
We will win the battle easily if we have the same strength and mentality.  

We are now sick and tired of the autocratic regime that puts itself  first. They have been sucked by greediness to such an extent that they have forgotten that we put them in office  in 1980 and now they refer to us as second class citizens. We are now  the ones that they call to the dinner tables the last but hey, let them loot in day light not what belongs to us. They wine and dine whilst we starve to death. ONCE AGAIN, THE STRUGGLE CONTINUES.

Albert Nyathi once sang:  “Senzeni na, Tatadzeiko” and I will ask the same question over and over again, dear Lord, What have we done to deserve all this?  WHAT CRIME HAVE WE COMMITTED IN DEMANDING JUSTICE. Back then I had no idea what message he was trying to put across until now. I believe some people have a vision from the day they are born. They see things at a distance before they happen and today I have woken up from the deep sleep, –  The truth hurts.

Anyway, the reality is we put Zanu Pf  in power by trust in 1980 and sadly we have done the same thing again by signing the GPA and I feel that we have been betrayed. The onus is on us now to show them the best way out…. I rest my case.