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We are heading for a presidential  and a parliamentary election in the Republic of Zimbabwe on 29 March this year where we have three major candidates consisting of the incumbent President Robert Mugabe of  (ZANU-PF), Morgan Tsvangirai of the  (MDC), and Simba Makoni, an independent and here today, I am taking a look at what might possibly happen before and after the election judging by what we have already witnessed in the previous elections.

As far as I am concerned, Zimbabwe is destined for the mother of all violent elections when I look back at the statements that were issued by the Zanu Pf stalwarts who happen to be in the dreaded politburo. All signs


indicate that if the elections do take place as stated by the ageing ruthless ”ceremonial” president of Zimbabwe, we are all going to witness another hell on earth in this once beloved country. One thing for certain is that, these thugs thaw that apart from their ageing leader Robert Mugabe whose deteriorating health has led everyone’s panic.

Robert Mugabe has said it plain clear that he will not and will never allow International observers in the country and  Simon Khaya Moyo, who happens to be the Chairman of Zanu Pf, said it clearly that they will not allow anyone apart from a party member to rule the country.

Since the defeat of the constitutional referendum in 2000, (a wakeup call to Zanu Pf), politics in Zimbabwe has been marked by slow regression away from many of the norms of democratic governance such as democratic elections, recent years have seen widespread violations of human rights and an introduction to the draconian laws like AIPPA just to suppress anyone who goes against the Mugabe Regime, a tactic that was used by the Smith Regime before we got our independence. Repressive laws aimed at preventing freedoms of speech, assembly and association have been implemented and subjectively enforced so that they can routinely arrest and harass members and supporters of the opposition party as well as Human Rights Activists.

Previous elections have been marred by political violence and intimidation, along with the politicisation of the judiciary, military, police force and public service. What has changed now for us to hold free and democratically fair elections in Zimbabwe? Everyone knows that Zanu Pf is still in control of the ruthless Army and the Police and I can guarantee you that we are going to witness the same fate that we have suffered since the early 80’s.

Quite a number of innocent people were tortured and some of them disappeared, – (remember Rashiwe Guzha?) – and some of them have died in filthy prisons not forgetting those that are still languishing in the same prisons that were built for the “guerillas” during the Rhodesian times.

The opposition party has repeatedly attempted to use the legal system to challenge the ruling ZANU-PF but the court’s rulings have regularly been ignored by the police and the biased courts. Even the white farmer’s decision by the SADC Tribunal was immensely ignored by these greedy Zanoids.

I for one would have supported the so-called land reform if it was done in an appropriate way. I mean, why did we wait for two decades to take back what rightfully belonged to us? I have a lot of questions that need answers ladies and gentlemen. If the land was supposed to be given to the landless “black people”, why do we still have millions of displaced and homeless families in Zimbabwe? The land is being used as a way of trying to win back the votes that Mugabe and Zanu PF have slowly been losing since the early 80’s.

The Land Reform Program:

 A referendum on the new constitution in February 2000 was organised by the Government; there was a sufficiently large majority in parliament to pass any amendment they wished and the new constitution would have empowered the government to acquire land compulsorily without compensation had it been approved but the new constitution was defeated despite having vast support in the media, what a shame.


The pro-Mugabe War Veterans Association organized “like-minded” people like the CHINOTIMBAS a few days later to march on white-owned farmlands with drums, song and dance marking the beginning of the Fast-track resettlement program and violence. The white owners were forced out of the land together with their farm workers and much of the land was claimed in an outrageously corrupt way by officials from ZANU-PF, army officers, high-ranking policemen etc… and none of the poor and homeless people were given even the smallest and useless piece of land. If I can remember correctly, five years down the line, operation “drive out trash” was introduced and again thousands of families were left stranded in the streets, their properties were destroyed and they were forced to seek refuge in rural areas.

What are we going to witness this time if the elections are to be held this year? I can only assure you that nothing has changed much in terms of political reform in Zimbabwe and Zanu Pf strategists are not sleeping day in and day out trying to think of another plan to win the elections right now as I write this article. Maybe I have a question for you…… Are we ever going to have a democratically elected leader in Zimbabwe as long as Zanu Pf is still in the driving seat?  Food for thought huh!!!!